Interlocutors’ report Insensitive, anti-national

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Interlocutors’ report Insensitive, anti-national

Dr Pravin Togadia

A day before Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary visited Bharat, Kashmir’s anti-Bharat Pak-lover Sayed Ali Shah Geelani ‘declared’ that the Kashmiri Pundits had no right to Kashmir and that their resettlement in Kashmir would ‘change’ the demography there as that the Government by such resettlement had been creating a state within state and that people associated with ‘RSS and its folds’ would park themselves in Kashmir!

* The very next day of such an anti-national remark by Geelani, Pak’s foreign secretary Gilani arrived in New Delhi and met the trio separatists of Kashmir: Geelani, Yaseen Malik and Meerwaiz Omar. Government of India did not either object to this strange meeting nor did it pack the Pak foreign Secretary back to Pak for it.

Many such related and seemingly unrelated but very connected incidents have been taking place during past many years vis-à-vis Kashmir. The latest insult to injury is the interlocutors’ report on Jammu Kashmir. ‘Interlocutor’ means ‘a person who takes part in a conversation’. Members of the Government of India appointed team of interlocutors for J&K had nothing to do with any meaningful conversation. They had already drawn their conclusions even before they started any so-called conversation! Members, Dilip Padgaonkar and Radha Kumar had been involved for years in the so-called ‘seminars’ organised by Ghulam Nabi Fai – Pak’s ISI agent who for his life propagated ‘separate Kashmir from Bharat’ with the funds by ISI and other jehadis. The duo also themselves openly supported Pak’s stand that Kashmir does not belong to Bharat even before they were made interlocutors. Obviously, they used this chance to promote ‘separate Kashmir’ agenda and their report is an open document which is anti-national by all means.

Some such suggestions in the report by these interlocutors:

1. Article 370 which is ‘temporary’ as mentioned in the Constitution should be made ‘special’. Article 370 almost takes away Indian Government’s authority on Kashmir when it comes to many socio-political matters. But in 1960 even Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru had said that the Article 370 had been specifically made temporary so that it would wither away in course of time and Union Government will have control on many things in Kashmir like elections, governance etc and so did happen. That’s what the separatists do not want! They want Indian Government to stay off Kashmir. Making the Article 370 ‘special’ gives it a permanent status making it a right of the separatists thereby forcing Bharat to give up her right on Kashmir! This is nothing but anti-national.

2. The report also suggests that Article 371 should be extended to Kashmir. Article 371 is there for some states like Goa, who otherwise follow complete Constitution and governance systems of Bharat. Only when it comes to the Members of the Goa Assembly, they get special privilege to have 30 Members whatever happens. Kashmir has no right to 371.

3. The interlocutors were supposed to be in conversation about Jammu and Kashmir State which includes Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. They never met any representatives from Jammu and Ladakh as if these two areas do not at all exist! They also did not meet Hindus, Buddhists, etc but wasted public money Rs. 150,000 per month on members as honorarium in addition to expenses on travel and stay. The Kashmir separatists initially refused to meet them and rather than meeting representatives of Jammu, Ladakh, Kashmiri Pundits, displaced Sikhs and others, the interlocutors went all the way to the Kashmir separatists’ homes to meet them! Totally biased and lop-sided attitude makes biased reports. Despite umpteen requests, they did not give hearing to Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmiri Pundits groups.

4. While mentioning with great sentimental melodrama about some unmarked graves in Kashmir, the same interlocutors completely and purposely ignored the plight of 1947 Hindus displaced from Pak; Kashmiri Pundits and Sikhs massacred and chased away from their age old rightful lands and homes in Kashmir; Buddhists and original Tribals who have been facing injustice at the hands of biased J&K Government for years. Such is the apathy of the interlocutors towards all such people who have been facing harassment, losses and injustice that there is no mention of these people in the report except for the cribbing that the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits would change demography in Kashmir now – the same line the separatists repeat even during Amarnath pilgrimage!

Sangh and its organisations have been voicing their serious concerns on Kashmir all along since long. Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee gave his life for Kashmir! Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat recently so correctly demanded that Government of India must take back Pak occupied Kashmir and make it a part of Bharat officially. In 1994, Bharat’s Parliament had unanimously passed the resolution that Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK) is an inseparable part of Bharat. Pak had grabbed it in 1947 between August and October when Bharat was busy in setting systems post Independence, handling issues of other Princely states, etc. Rather than referring to PoK as ‘Pak Occupied Kashmir’, the biased interlocutors term PoK as ‘PAK’ that is ‘Pak Administered Kashmir’ – the term that Pak and Kashmir’s separatists have been promoting all along. The report does not even mention the 1994 resolution passed by Indian Parliament unanimously, including by the J&K’s Members of the Parliament!

Government of India had in fact no reason to appoint any teams for such activities. Indian Army has been handling Kashmir very well despite false cases on them slapped by separatists and hyped by the so-called ‘secular’ media. The report by pro-Pak interlocutors, obviously, recommends withdrawal of Indian army from Kashmir!

Recently, apart from Kasab of 26/11 Mumbai attack, another bigger Jehadi Sayed Ansari has been caught by the Government who has already exposed the role of Pak and ISI in many attacks in Bharat as well as the systematic trainings given to capture Bharat including J&K. He has explained how PoK was used for it and how he got his ‘mentor’ in Kashmir. Despite such detailed evidence, allowing Pak’s foreign Secretary to meet Kashmir separatists was itself wrong.

The prudent thing now, for Government of India to do is that totally reject such an anti-national biased report by ISI sponsored interlocutors and start a criminal investigation against them for their alleged links with Dr Fai who has been arrested in America for ISI links. Rather than wasting any more time in dolling out favors to Pak, Bharat should immediately take PoK back in Bharat – either through sharp and smart international diplomacy or direct war without bending to international pressure.



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