श्रीराम जय राम जय जय राम, শ্ৰীৰাংজয়ৰাংজয়জয়ৰাং, শ্রীরাম জয় রাম জয় জয় রাম , શ્રીરામ જય રામ જયજય રામ, ಶ್ರೀರಾಮಜಯರಾಮಜಯಜಯರಾಮ, ശ്രിറാം ജയ് റാം ജയ്‌ ജയ് റാം, శ్రీరాంజయరాంజయజయరాం

श्रद्धात्रयविभागयोगः Chapter 17

अथ सप्तदशॊध्यायः श्रद्धात्रयविभागयोगः CHAPTER 17

 The Yoga Of the Division Of the Three fold Faith

अर्जुन उवाच ;-यॆ शास्त्रविधिमुत्सृज्य यजन्ते श्रद्धयान्विताः । तेषां निष्ठा तु का कृष्ण सत्त्वमाहो रजस्तमः ॥१॥

ARJUNA SAID ;-Those endowed with faith ,who worship gods and others ,disregarding the injunctions of the scriptures ,where do they stand, Krishna, Sattva,Rajas or Tamas ? 1.

श्री भगवानुवाच ;- त्रिविधा भवति श्रद्धा देहिनां सा स्वभावजा । सात्त्विकी राजसी चैव तामसी चेति तां शृणु ॥२॥

Sri Bhagavan said ;-That untutored innate faith of men is of three kinds –Sattvika,Rajasika and Tamasika.Hear of it from Me.

सत्त्वानुरूपा सर्वस्य श्रद्धा भवति भारत । श्रद्धामयोsयं पुरुषो यो यच्छ्रद्धः स एव सः ॥३॥

The faith of all men conforms to their mental disposition ,Arjuna, .Faith constitutes a man ; whatever the nature of his faith ,verily he is that.

यजन्ते सात्त्विका देवान् यक्षरक्षांसि राजसाः ।प्रॆतान्भूतगणांश्चान्ये यजन्ते तामसा जनाः ॥४॥

Men of Sattvika disposition worship, gods; those of Rajasika temperament worship demigods, the demons; whoile others who are of Tamasika disposition ,worship the spirits of the dead and ghosts.

अशास्त्रविहितं घॊरं तप्यन्ते ये तपो जनाः । दम्भाहन्कारसंयुक्ताः कामरागबलान्विताः ॥५॥

Men who practice dire penance of an arbitrary type not sanctioned by the scriptures and who are full of hypocracy,and egotism are obessed with desire ,attachment and pride of power.

कर्शयन्तः शरीरस्थं भूतग्राममचॆतसः । मां चैवान्तः शरीरस्थं तान्विद्ध्यासुरनिश्चयान् ॥ ६॥

And who emaciate the elements constituting their body as well as Me, the Supreme Spirit ,dwelling in their heart –know these senseless people to have a demoniac disposition. 6

आहारस्त्वपि सर्वस्य त्रिविधॊ भवति प्रियः ।यज्ञास्तपस्तथा दानंतेषां भॆदमिमं श्रृणु ॥७॥

Food also ,which is agreeble to different men according to their innate disposition is of three kinds.And likewise sacrifice, penance and charity, too are of three kinds each.;hear their distinction as follows. 7

आयुः सत्त्वबलारोग्यसुखप्रीति विवर्धनाः ।रस्याः स्निग्धाः स्थिरा हृद्या आहाराः सात्त्विकप्रियाः ॥८॥

Foods which promote longevity, iontelligence, vigour,health, happiness, and cheerfulness, and which are juicy, succulent,substantial and naturally agreeble,are liked by men of sattvika nature.–8

कत्वाम्ललवणात्युष्ण तीक्ष्ण रूक्षविदाहिनः ।आहारा राजसस्येष्टा दुःख शोकामयप्रदाः ॥९।|

Foods which are bitter sour salty, overhot, pungent,dry and burning, and which cause suffering ,grief and sickness, are dear to the Rajasika.

यातयामं गतरसं पूति पर्युषितं च यत् । उच्छिष्टमपि चामॆध्यं भोजनं तामसप्रियम् ॥१०॥

Food which is ill-cooked or not fully ripe,insipid, putrid, stale and polluted, and which is impure too, is dear to men of Tamasika disposition.

अफलाकांक्षिभिर्यज्ञॊविधिदृष्टोय इज्यते । यष्टव्यमेवाति मनः समाधाय स सात्त्विकः ॥११॥

The sacrifice which is offered ,as ordained by scriptural injunctions, by men who expect no return, and who believe that such sacrifices must be performed , is Sattvika in character.

अभिसन्धायतु फ्अलं दम्भार्थमपि चैव यत् । इज्यते भरतश्रॆष्ठ तं यज्ञं विद्धि राजसम् ॥१२॥

The sacrifice however ,which is offered for the sake of mere show or even with an eye to its fruit ,know it to be Rajasika, Arjuna.

विधिहीनमसॄष्टान्नं मन्त्रहीनमदक्षिणम् ।श्रद्धाविरहितं यज्ञं तामसं परिचक्षते ॥१३॥

A sacrifice which is not in confirmity with scriptural injunctions, in which no food is offered ,and no sacrificial fees are paid ,which is without sacred chant of hymns and devoid of faith, is said to be Tamasika.13.

देवद्विजगुरुप्राज्ञ पूजनं शौचमार्जवम् ।ब्रह्फ़्मचर्यमहिंसा च शारीरं तप उच्यते ॥१४॥

worship of Gods ,the brahmanas, one’s elders and great souls purity, straightforwardness, continence, and non-violence, this is called the penance of the body.14.

अनुद्वेगकरं वाक्यं सत्यं प्रियहितं च यत् । स्वाध्यायाभ्यसनं चैव वाङ्मयं तप उच्यते ॥ १५॥

Words which cause no annoyance to others and are truthful agreeble and benifitial as well as the study of the vedas and other sastras, and the practice of Divine Name -this is known as penance of speech.

मनः प्रसादः सौम्यत्वं मौनवात्मविनिओग्रहः ।भावसंशुद्धिरित्येतत् तपो मानसमुच्यते ॥ १६ ॥

Cheerfulness of mind , placidity, habit of contemplation on God, control of the mind, and perfect purity of inner feelings, –all this is called austerity of the mind.

श्रद्धया परया तप्तं तपस्तत्रिविधं नरैः । अफलाकाङिक्षभिर्युक्तैः सात्त्विकं परिचक्ष्यते ॥१७ ॥

The three fold penance performed with supreme faith by Yoga expecting no return is called Sattvika.

सत्कारमान पूजार्थं तपो दम्भेन चैन यत् । क्रियये तदिह प्रोक्तं राजसं चलमधृवम् ॥ १८॥

The austerity which is performed for the sake of renown , honour or adoration, as well as for any other selfish gain, either in all sincerity or by way of ostentation ,and yields an uncertain and momentary fruit, has been spoken of as Rajasa.

मूढग्राहॆणात्मनो यत्पीडयाक्रियते तपः ।परत्स्योत्सादनार्थं वा तत्तामसमुदाहृतम् ॥१९॥

penance which is resorted to out of foolish notion, and is accompanied by self mortification, or is intended to harm others, such penance has been declared as Tamasika .

दातव्यमिति यद्दानं दीयतेनुपकारिणॆ । दॆशॆ कालेच पात्रे च तद्दानं सात्त्विकं स्मृतम् ॥२०॥

A gift which is bestowed with a sense of duty, on o0ne from whom no return is expected ,at appropriate time and place and to a deserving person that gift has been declared as Sattvika.

यत्तु प्रत्युपकारार्थं फलमुद्दिश्य वा पुनः । दीयते च परिक्लिष्टं तद्दानं राजसं उच्यते ॥ २१ ॥

A gift which is bestowed in a grudging spirit and with the object of getting a service in return or in the hope of obtaining a reward , is called Rajasika.

अदॆशकाले यद्दानण् अपात्रेभ्यश्च दीयते । असत्कृतमव`ज्ञातं तत्तामसमुदाहृतम् ॥ २२॥

A gift which is nade without good grace and in a disdainful spirit out of time and place and to undeserving persons , is said to be Tamasika .

तत्सदिति निर्देशॊ ब्रह्मणस्त्रिविधः स्मृतः । ब्राह्मणास्तेन वेदाश्च यज्ञाश्च विहिताः पुराः ॥२३॥

OM TAT and SAT –this has been declared as the tripple appellation of Brahma who is Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss. By that were the Brahmanas and the Vedas as well as sacrifices created at the cosmic dawn.

तस्मादॊमित्युदाह्युत्य यज्ञदानतपः क्रियाः । प्रवर्तन्ते विधानोक्ताः सततं ब्रह्फ़्मवादिनाम् ॥ २४ ॥

Therefore the acts of sacrifice, charity, and austerity, as enjoined by sacred precepts are always commenced by noble persons, used to the recitation of the Vedic chants, with the invocation of the divine name OM .

तदित्यनभिसन्धाय फलं यज्ञ तपः क्रियाः । दानक्रियाश्च त्रिविधाः क्रियन्ते मोक्षका`ङ्क्षिभिः ॥२५ ॥

With the idea that all this belongs to God, who is denoted by the appellation TAT acts of sacrifice and austerity as well as acts of charity of various kinds are performed by the seekers of liberation ,expecting no return for them.

सद्भावे साधुभावे च सदित्येतत्प्रयुज्यते । प्रशस्ते कर्मणि तथा स्वच्छन्दः पार्थ युज्यते ॥ २६ ॥

The name of God SAT is used in the sense of reality and goodness And the word SAT is also used in the sense of a praiseworthy, auspicious action.

यज्ञॆ तपसि दानॆ च स्थितिः सदितिचोत्यते । कर्म चैव तदर्थीयं सदित्येवाभिदीयते ॥ २७ ॥

And steadfastness in sacrifice ,austerity and charity, is likewise spoken of as SAT and action for the sake of God is verily termed as SAT.

अश्रद्धया हृतं दत्तं तपस्तप्तं कृतं चयत् । असदित्युच्यते पार्थ न च तत्प्रेत्य नो इह ॥२८॥

An oblation which is offered ,a gift given, an austerity practised ,and whatever good deed is performed ,if it is without faith, it is termed as naught i.e. `asat’ therefore

it is of no avail here or hereafter.

ॐ तत्सदितिम् श्रीमद्भगवद्गीतासु उपनिषत्सु ब्रह्मविद्यायां योगशास्त्रे श्री कृष्णार्जुन संवादे श्रद्धात्रयविभागयोगो नाम सप्तदशॊध्यायः .

Thus in the Upanishad sung by the Lord ,the Science of Brahma,the scripture of Yoga the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna.ends the seventeenth chapter entitled “The Yoga of the Division of the Threefold Faith ”.