श्रीराम जय राम जय जय राम, শ্ৰীৰাংজয়ৰাংজয়জয়ৰাং, শ্রীরাম জয় রাম জয় জয় রাম , શ્રીરામ જય રામ જયજય રામ, ಶ್ರೀರಾಮಜಯರಾಮಜಯಜಯರಾಮ, ശ്രിറാം ജയ് റാം ജയ്‌ ജയ് റാം, శ్రీరాంజయరాంజయజయరాం

Baudha Dharmasthal

Bodha Gaya

Bodha Gaya is one of the four most sacred pilgrimage places for the Buddhists. The other three important places are Bhagvan Budha’s place of birth at Lumbini, Nepal; the site of his first lecture at Sarnath, near Varanasi; and the place where he left his body at Kushinagar, near Gorakhpur.

Bodha Gaya is the place where Prince Gautama attained enlightenment under the sacred Ashvattha tree (Bodhi tree) and became known as Lord Buddha. Buddhists from all over the world have built temples here in Bodh Gaya. In 2002, Mahabodhi Temple, located in Bodh Gaya, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

BY RAIL – Gaya nearest railway station to Bodhagaya and is on the main Delhi-Calcutta railway line.There are a number of trains to Delhi, Calcutta, Varanasi, Puri and Patna.

BY ROAD – There are two bus stands in Gaya, on either side of the Falgu River.There are a number of buses to Patna (4 hours) and Ranchi (7 hours), from here.


The First Teachings by Lord Buddha
Saranth is the place where Bhagvan Buddha delivered his first sermon to his five disciples, preaching the middle path for attaining ‘Nirvana’. Realising the sanctity of the site, emperor Ashoka, in the 3rd century B.C. built some of the finest monuments and legacies.

By Rail :Varanasi Cantonment railway station that is near about 10 kilometers from Sarnath. Varanasi station is well connected to other cities in Uttar Pradesh and India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Agra, Lucknow, Bangalore and Ahmedabad etc

By Road
Sarnath is well connected to the rest of Uttar Pradesh by roadways.Varanasi that is 10 kilometers from the downtown Sarnath. Varanasi in turn is well connected by bus to cities like Lucknow, Bareilly, Kanpur, Allahabad, Agra and Mathura.

Kaushambi , Utter Pradesh

Lord Budha visited Kaushambi, in Uttar Pradesh, after his enlightenment. He delivered several sermons here, elevating it to a center of learning for Buddhists. Today one can see the ruins of an Ashokan Pillar, an old fort and the Ghositaram Monastery. The archaeological excavations here have yielded a large number of sculptures and figurines, coins, punch-marked and cast coins and terra-cotta sculptures which show the reverence the city was held in by the devout, in times gone by. All these religious finds of historical and archaeological importance can be viewed at the Allahabad Museum.

By Rail : Allahabad is a nearest railway station from Kaushambi and is well-linked station in U.P railway.
By Road : Regular buses run to Kaushambi from Allahabad.

Kushinagar – Utter Pradesh

Kushinagar is one of the pilgrimage center in Utter Pradesh. Kushinagar is also known as Kasia or Kusinara, is the place of Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha. It was once a celebrated center of the Malla kingdom.The monument of Kushinagar are situated in three distinct places comprising in the main site of the Nirvana Temple houses over 6 meter long statue of the reclining Buddha