श्रीराम जय राम जय जय राम, শ্ৰীৰাংজয়ৰাংজয়জয়ৰাং, শ্রীরাম জয় রাম জয় জয় রাম , શ્રીરામ જય રામ જયજય રામ, ಶ್ರೀರಾಮಜಯರಾಮಜಯಜಯರಾಮ, ശ്രിറാം ജയ് റാം ജയ്‌ ജയ് റാം, శ్రీరాంజయరాంజయజయరాం

ఎన్టి. ఆర్. స్టేడియం, భాగ్యనగర్(హైదరాబాద్) లో ఒక లక్ష హనుమాన్ చాలిసా పారాయణం. एनटीआर स्टेडीयम भाग्यनगर में 1लक्ष श्रीहनुमान चालीसा पारायण.


A massive public programme was held under the aegis of Hanumatshakti Jagarana Samithi at N.T.R.Stadium of Hyderabad where thousands of devotees participated and recited Hanuman Chalisa on the evening of 27th November 2010.

Pujya Shri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji while speaking on the occasion gave a call for the cooperation and supports of the Ram devotees for the construction of the Ram Temple reminding them that even God needs support of devotees and cited the example by quoting Ramayan where Lord Ram himself took the support of Sugriva. He said that construction of the grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya is not merely the desire of Indian people but of the mankind across the world.

Many saints and seers from different parts of the State were present on the dais. Swamy Satyapadananda Prabhuji said that Dharma is the heart and soul of Bharat. Those wedded to Dharma alone are true followers of Bharatiya heritage. The purpose of today’s recitation programme is to rekindle the spirit, which was hurt due to humiliation when Ram Temple at Ayodhya was demolished by invader Babar. He also said that we need devotion, strength and strategy to fulfill the desire of millions of devotees to have a grand Ram Temple.International president of V.H.P. Shri Ashok Singhalji while speaking on the occasion mentioned that 482 years back Ramalayam at Ayodhya was demolished by Muslim invaders and controversial construction was made. At

that disputed site, 80 years back idols of Bala Ram called as Ramlala appeared. On 30th September 2010, judgement of the Court was delivered confirming that disputed site as birthplace of Rama. According to this verdict the site has to be divided into 3 parts and given to 3 parties Ramalalla, Wakh Board and Nirmohi Akhada equally. In reality the entire land should go to Ramalalla. For that Ramalala will go to Supreme Court. Rama never suffered defeat. As per the decisions taken in the meeting of Sants at Kumbh Mela, for 4 months Hanuman Chalisa recitation was conducted 2 lakshs times due to which judgement came in favour of Rama. Next, massive public meetings will take place throughout the country.

Ashok Singhlji further said that Sonia Gandhi is determined to spoil the Hindu Dharma in the country. Conspiracy is being hatched to demolish the Dharma and culture of the country. Attacks that are taking place against the saints and seers of the country are result of this evil design. Cases beginning from arrest of Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Peeth till the recent dragging of Srhi Indreshji an all India functionary of R.S.S. into controversy are indications to this regard. Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in the country, but she had to pay for it heavily later.

Shri Ashok Singhalji reiterated that Muslim society has to handover the Ram Janma Bhoomi to Hindus completely. 80% of Muslim society desire Ram Temple construction at Ayodhya. The Government has to cooperate by legislation in the Parliament for Ram Temple. He said that he has full confidence that Ram Temple will be built there.

Chinna Jeeyar Swamy while speaking mentioned that God would come down to reform those erring and going astray. A devotee performs puja in a temple and forgetting selfishness prays for the welfare and happiness of the entire mankind. God will shower his blessings to such devotees. In a similar way Rama knowing that mankind identify him as God will shower his blessings for the construction of Ram Temple. Sarayu is a sacred river where Rama was b

orn. Rama visualized love in the birds, animals, vanaras, humans and even Rakshasas. Hanuman has capacity to change the mind of even an enemy. We are praying Hanuman to give that power to us. It is for that we are reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Time has come for gathering strength to protect Dharma. Rama’s arrow will return only after fulfilling the purpose. Responsibility rests on all of us today to convert ourselves as arrows of Rama. Thus we should shoulder the responsibility of building a grand temple for Rama who was recognized as God. Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji further told that building of Ram Temple is not merely the desire of Indians but of the people of the world and with this world will witness peace.

Shri Bhagayyaji all India Bo

uddhik Pramukh of R.S.S. while speaking on the occasion mentioned that Kashmir is part of India and for 6 lakshs of Kashmiris, Central Government is spending 15 thousand crore rupees but for 2.5 crore people of Assam only 10 thousand crore rupees are allocated. Till today there are no voting rights for the dalit Hindus of Kashmir and this is an ample proof of the discrimination shown to many Hindus.

Some more Swamijis who spoke on the occasion calling for grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya included Pujya Shri Sangram Maharaj of Pabbati Anjaneya Swamy Devasthanam and Pujya Shri Srinivas Vratadhar Swamy. The meeting came to an end at 7-00 P.M. after vote of thanks was proposed.