A Babri conspiracy on the holy land of Ayodhya

As if Gujarat was not enough, anti-Hindu mastermind, Teesta Setalvad has now started spinning the cobwebs of conspiracy in the holy birth-place Shree Raam, Ayodhya. This time, she has chosen the alleged attack on an Urdu magazine, ‘Apki Takat’, which is published from the precincts of a mosque in Faizabad. The shops in the vicinity of the mosque have had to bear the brunt of the situation that has arisen in the past few days, the situation that has been created after the attacks on the Hindus in Ayodhya. This is a well-known fact that the owners of these shops are Hindus. The fire that engulfed the place was such that the mosque did not suffer any damage, hence there was no question of the office of the Urdu magazine suffering any damage. How the propaganda vehicles were set in motion that the Urdu magazine office was attacked. The fire, of course, never damaged the Urdu office, but one person seems to have made merry from this bonfire and that is Teesta Setalvad, who like the witch in fairy tales, seemed to enjoy every bit of the destruction. She petitioned the Press Council Chairman, Justice Katju and submitted a report of the entire incident as an attack on the press. The great Justice Katju, who thinks that 90% of Indians are fools, fell into the trap of the witch and ordered an enquiry. Though there can be no opposition to an enquiry committee, one can misgivings about who is heading the committee, he is none other that the communist, Sheetala Singh, whose anti-Hindu moorings are too well-known. It seems that in the guise of this committee, there is a conspiracy to conceal the anti-Hindu conspiracies that are going on in and around Ayodhya. In the holy land of Shree Ram Lalla, the Hindus are unsafe, whereas Shree Raam never ever established his reign on Lanka despite winning it, in Ayodhya, his birthplace, the Hindus seem to be under the reign of the demon-king of Lanka, Ravana. Such is the temerity of the ruling dispensation, that an Islamic Centre is being envisaged near the birth place of Shree Raam. There seems to collusion between the centre and state governments in this. The repercussion that something so sinister as this can have can be seen from the goings-on in Ayodhya. First of all, an idol was destroyed in Faizabad, the local police did not even catch the culprits. This so much encouraged the Muslims of the areas that in places like Faizabad, Rudauli, Bhadarsa, Fulwaria, the Muslims attacked Mother Durga’s Immersion processions and holy idols were desecrated. The women devotees’ wears were torn and the processions were pelted with stones. Even Nandisthaan, the holiest of holy places of Hindus was not spared by these jehadis. When the Hindus countered this with their well-known peaceful ways, the Muslims almost waged a war against them. Many rations shops distributed free kerosene to these Muslims. Needless to say, this kerosene was used to raze the shops of the Hindus to the ground. The local police are so petrified of these Muslim rioters that instead of arresting these jehadis they ended up arresting innocent Hindus and registered false casea against them. Things reached to such a pass that when the President of the VHP reached Ayodhya’s karsevakpuram to attend a function the Durga Vahini, he was actually detained. It must be mentioned that the Muslim leaders and the so-calleed secular leaders had easy passage to the place. We don’t need to look any further what will happen once the Islamic Centre comes up, if only the initial step of making the centre has led to this pass, imagine what will happen once the centre comes up.

The Sheetala Singh committee has been formed only to put a cover on all these nefarious designs of the Muslims, it is only a cover-up, it is the responsibility of all the citizens of the country not to allow any of this to succeed.