Kashmir valley is burning. It has become a permanent feature for the last 25 years at the time of holy yatra. It is the JIHADI design to stop the yatra because it is this yatra which is still connecting the Kashmir valley with the rest of Bharat. If it is stopped, it will become easier to disconnect the valley. Previously the terrorists attacked the yatries to discourage them from participating in the yatra.Bajarand Dal took a very courageous step of sending 51000 karyakartas in 1995 to holy yatra as a challange to terrorists. Since then the no of partipants is increasing every year. After the failure of terrorist attacks,they have resortes to a new technique of stone pelting by the hostile mob. Muslims of vally are not only attacking the yatries but are putting every type of hurdles in yatra. Their real face is being seen whenever there are adverse climatical conditions. They don’t give petrol to them and charge very heavy amount for every type of necessity which the langers could not provide due to their limited resources.

The myth that the yatra is a symbol of communal harmony and the holy cave was discovered by a Muslim shephered is now removed. The history of yatra goes back to thousands of years when even Islam was not in existence. The jihadi devil has come out of his den. They are after the blood of Hindus to get freedom from Bharat. We should understand the conspiracy and persuade the govt. to tackle the situation with an iron hand. Vally does not require more grant which is considered as a reward for separatism.