Anna Hazare-A true leader of post- independent India

The government had to relent in the end, in fact bend on its knee. The government had to bow down in front of the unbridled power of the masses. This once again proved that India’s democracy is a mature one, that the people of this country cannot be bought over with petty gimmicks. It can rise above the parochial considerations of caste and creed and can generate a mass movement for the national interest. They can rise against their own chosen representatives and force them to act according to their (people’s) wishes. The 12-day tug-of-war showed the world that the false propaganda and treachery of the government and the political parties could not confuse either the masses or take Anna for a ride. Old-time brokers like Agnivesh had to part company with the movement and this team stood like a rock till the last moment, till the moment the government kept on playing new tricks and indulging in all sorts of intrigue. In this protest, the people of the nation have won who kept unflinching faith in the leadership of Anna.
The generation of Indians who had not witnessed the Gandhian ways are now face to face with the way Gandhi had made the Britishers bow down to his demands. Post independence, there has been only one leader who had the stature to inspire the masses to lead a protest movement against the government and that was Dr Jay Prakash Narayan. But, he had many political parties backing him. He had the angle -like RSS cadres backing him in his fight. But, what was behind this fight of Anna? There were some people who alleged that Anna was the mask of the RSS, on the other hand, people associated with Ramdev saw the hand of the Congress behind all this. Because of Agnivesh and some Leftist banners, some people suggested that the movement was left-sponsored, whereas the truth of the matter was that the left leaders could not even summon enough courage to issue any statement on Anna’s movement, leave alone take part in it. There were some outlandish claims that the corporate world was behind all this, some even suggested that it was the handiwork of foreign powers. But, despite all this contradictory claims, one could see who was actually behind this great movement. It was none else, but the citizens of the country who are fed-up of unbridled corruption that has seeped into the very fabric of the country. It was this citizen power of the country that had leapt headlong into the movement while keeping in mind that the movement does not draw any ignominy. This movement drew into it, the school children on the one hand and the highly-educated on the other hand, from the businessmen to the labourer, all became a part of this movement. While the urban elite participated in it, his rural people were not far behind. The people who took part in the movement cannot be compartmentalised on the basis of class or ideology. This was truly a mass movement which made all Indians who participated in it, proud of having done so.
Many important questions have come out of the churning that took place because of this movement. The first question that arises is whether the citizens are supreme or the parliament! This question was raised by the very parliamentarians who had been chosen by the citizens only to crack down on their voices. They were trying to say that once chosen, they now have the right to do as they wish.
They were trying to say that once they had been chosen to power, the citizen’s voice must be choked. For the first time in India’s history, the parliament had to bow down to the wishes of the masses. It was proved beyond doubt that the voice of the people was supreme. The second question that raised its head was if the voice of the people could be raised only by the parliamentarians elected by the people and if someone else raises this voice, then that is undemocratic. Question like these were doing the rounds, “Anna who”, “Who has elected him”, “Has he ever fought an election?” it was suggested to Anna that he fight an election first. This is not the first time that this question has been asked, even during the Raam-Janmabhoomi movement, people used to ask these questions. This question is raised whenever there is a mass movement and everytime the masses come calling to answer it. This time the only difference was that the reply was more thunderous than ever. People who have been winning elections on the basis of caste, goondas, wine and money cannot be the true representatives of the people. People who raise questions that directly affect the masses and win their hearts, people who can make the corrupt government succumb to its feet, only they can be the true leaders and representatives of the masses. If we are to look into all these aspects, we will see that only one leader has been able to garner the support of all the classes of the people and that is Anna Hazare.
From the way the government is behaving, it seems that the government is still trying to hoodwink us. But before it thinks of doing anything of this sort, it must give a thought to what happened to the dictatorial regimes of the gulf countries. They must now concentrate all their energies on issues of national interest and leave aside their selfish motives. They must realise that in national interest, lies their interest too.