Anna! Supporting traitors for the sake of fame and pelf is the biggest corruption

The beating up of a prominent member of the Anna team, Prashant
Bhushan, in his own chamber by some youths is unfortunate. In a
democracy, everyone has the fundamental right to express his views and
to beat someone up merely because he does not conform to your views is
outright unacceptable. But, this incident has given rise to several
1) Is the right to express one’s views unlimited? The Indian
constitution itself defines these limits. The limits include not
giving an opinion against the nation and the constitution and also favouring the
separatists. Many members of the Anna team have been openly advocating
the cause of the Naxalites and by doing this, they are being
anti-national and anti-constitutional. Now, they are standing behind
the Kashmiri terrorists and endorsing their stand. Lawyers like
Prashant Bhushan have been fighting the cases of such terrorists for
the lure of money. In the name of professional freedom, this can be
justified. But, should not this be some fodder for thought that people
like Amar Singh and the traitors always come to only these lawyers
when they are in trouble?
2) Some members of the Anna team have been regularly availing the
services of the NGOs of these separatists in terms of money and
facilities and in return making favourable speeches on behalf of them,
thereby fulfilling the incomplete agenda of these groups. Now, is
this, in any way, a lesser form of corruptions? In fact, the
corruption of this kind is even more harmful than graft. Then, why is
Anna silent on this?
3) Prashant, Medha and Agnivesh have been regularly sharing the dais
with the separatists and even make favourable speeches in support of
their cause. They even support their anti-constitutional demands.
Now, can we allow them to do all this on the pretext that these are
their personal opinions? How can Anna, who has spoken against the
indisciplined police officer and stooge of the Congress, Sanjiv Bhatt,
be silent on these issues? How can he allow such people to sit beside
4) During the fasting of Anna, Imam Bukhari, infamous for making
anti-national slogans had asked the muslims not to join the Anna
movement as ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Matram’ were anti-Islamic,
according to him. The very next day, the members of the team landed at
the doorstep of the Imam to explain their position and make it
palatable to the Imam. This is a
very dangerous example of appeasement. Won’t this lead to an
encouragement in the separatist mentality of some groups? Anna should
also express his opinion about these people.
5) The youth who were involved in the beating up of Prashant are now
in the hands of the law and the law will take appropriate action
against them. But, the knowledgeable lawyer, Prashant, later beat the
youth mercilessly . Can he still
stake his claim to be a votary of peace? Should law now not take
action against him?

In his blogs, this writer has written a lot in appreciation of Anna.
He is working towards a change in the society which has not happened
in ages. But, there are many members of his team, who are using his
image and reach to serve their own selfish interests. The crime of
anti-nationalist activities is unpardonable. The country is eager to
know Anna’s views on these people and their activities.