Battle Array Of The Corrupt Forces.

The leftists have long been known to follow the dictum: “Spit and Flee.” When someone spits on someone’s face all of a sudden, his first reaction is of disbelief and the subsequent action that of wiping the spit from his face, albeit with some hesitation. This takes a few moments. Despite this, the man and the onlookers get this feeling that the face is still dirty. Now, even if the man manages to wriggle out of this feeling, these people spit on him again and this chain reaction continues. But, if they are unsuccessful in this, then it does not take them long to take to their heels and flee. They even pretend not to have been there at all. The leftists have been continuously using this two-timing policy against their opponents. On occasions, they also seem to be successful in it as they have control over a section of the media. The long-time associates of the leftists in this two-timing policy-the Congress-too seem to have become past masters of this heinous game. Whenever someone fights against corruption, Congress feels that the fight is directed against them. Perhaps they are not wrong either, as Congress, needless to say, is the fountain-head of all corruption in the country. No wonder then, that, whenever someone raises a voice against corruption, someone or the other in the Congress party becomes a target of the same, such as the pervasiveness of corruption in the party. Be it Gujarat’s ‘Navnirman Andolan’, Jayprakash Narayan’s ‘Samagrakranti Andolan’, V P Singh’s agitation against Bofors scam, Baba Ramdev’s agitation against black money or recently Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal Andolan, the target of all these agitations have been the Congress party only. This is why they have always used the policy of ‘spit and flee’ while venting their frustrations. They have always bad-mouthed the people who led the above-mentioned agitations, hurled accusations at them but eventually always had to concede defeat.

We do not need to dole on the baggage of history, just a look at the present context is enough to understand their diabolic strategy. Baba Ramdev has started a mass movement against black money for the past some time. Baba, naturally got an overwhelming response as the citizens of the country had had enough of corruption. Baba’s clean image wore a magnetic attraction for all and people saw a ray of hope in him. But, the Congress got enraged and hurled a volley of accusations on the Baba. Baba replied to one and all without ever losing his cool. He even made his trust’s books available for media scrutiny. This put the credibility of the Congress at stake. They got enmeshed in trying to somehow wriggle out of the accusations that they had been hurling; this in itself became a matter of winning and losing for them. . To make matters worse, the veteran crusader against corruption, Anna Hazare, came to the forefront. He decided to fast unto death at Jantar Mantar. He made the impossible, possible in just two days. Anna had the support of the whole nation behind him. At the same time, the public’s anger against the Congress was on the boil. The government was already petrified because of the mass movements of the middle-east. They had to bow down. But, this did not deter them from using their treacherous ways. They tried their best to bring Anna’s movement on its knees, but this did not break the resolution of the masses. Unwillingly though, but at the end, the government had to accede to the demands of Anna. For the first time in the country, the voice of the people was taken as a cornerstone for the enactment of a law. There was an atmosphere of rejoicement in the country.

But the deceitful nature of the treacherous Congress was yet to be revealed. Out of nowhere, two spokesmen of the Congress started a dirty game of accusations. First of all, questions were raised on Anna being a true representative of the people, subsequently, questions were raised on the funding of the agitation. When answers to these were provided to everyone’s satisfaction, then character-assassination of the members was resorted to. It seemed as if they were saying, “We are dishonest, agreed, but they too are no less. So they don’t have the right to fight against us.” All this was unfolding like a Bollywood movie where the villain hurls accusations on the hero in order to take him apart. First of all, they made the Bhushan father-son duo, a target of their accusations as if they were the ones who had been appointed the Lokpal, whereas the fact of the matter was that they were on board only because of their grounding in matters of law. They crossed all limits when the Lokayukta of Karnataka, Santosh Hegde, also became a target of their accusations; they indulged in mud-slinging to malign his character. It was also said that the committee did not have citizen’s true representation as if this was not a committee but the Lok Sabha. Do they keep in mind the representation of all castes and religions when they form parliamentary committees? A very interesting facet of all this was how Congress President, Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, like wolves in sheepskins, never let the mask that they keep wearing, the mask of ‘crusaders against corruption’, slip. It was made to look like these two were the votaries of honesty in the country whereas we all know they are the top custodians of corruption in the country.

There are hundreds of examples of these two being the custodians and protectors of the corrupt. But, just a few examples are enough to prove the point. Who was responsible for the removal of Late Sunil Dutt from the post of President of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee and inducting Suresh Kalmadi in his place? When news about his wrongdoings started doing the rounds, then why was action not taken immediately? The Shunglu Committee’s report, the committee that formed at Sonia’s behest, was dumped as her alter ego Sheila Dixit could have been jeopardised by it. They had to take action against Raja after the Supreme Court came down heavily on him. Despite this, Manmohan Singh keeps patting his back and one of his ministers keeps raving and ranting about ‘zero loss’ to the exchequer and shamelessly keeps defending the corrupt former telecom minister. The Bofors investigations were halted after falsely informing the Supreme Court through the CBI that some Rs 250 crore had been spent on the investigation, whereas later it was found that only Rs 5 crore had been spent. All this was done to save the prime accused in the Bofors scam, Quattrochi and who is Quattrochi, who is he related to, we all know this, don’t we? Neck deep in corruption and the accused in Adarsh scam, a man, whose name keeps figuring in new scams every now and then, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ashok Chavan, is felicitated by the present Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, who publicly proclaims in his village that the government and party is firmly behind him. This firmness seems to be behind all the corrupt. As long as it does not become a liability, these people don’t take action against the corrupt. Even when they do take action, they do not feel shy of supporting the corrupt. This is the true character of the Congress. But, they must understand now that they cannot put an end to the fight against corruption. The whole nation is at its feet. No ploy can now work to stop this mass movement. It is correct that the Jan Lokpal cannot weed out all corruption all by itself. But, it is definitely going to prove to be a milestone in the fight against corruption.