The insult of Bharat,Bhartiya and Bhartiyata by secular politicians

There were certain very imp. news items in yesterday’s newspapers. Our EAM shamelessly condemned the home sec., Mr. Pillai, for exposing the links between the ISI and the terrorists in India. He blamed him for the collapse of talks with Pak. He did not have any complaint with the arrogant and insulting behavior of his Pakistani counterpart.
The illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators attacked the police in Assam to press for their illegitimate demands. They should be thankful to Indians for not throwing them out of the country for their illegal and antinational activities. But they are becoming hostile to capture political powers. The secular state govt. refused to take strong action against them because they are considered their captive vote bank.
An innocent Indian student was beaten severely by racial hooligans in Australia. It was another incident in the continuing serial racial attacks on Indians. The jaw of this student was fractured at many places but doctors have not given any treatment on the plea that he will be treated on his turn. Our “sensitive” PM who had to spend many sleepless nights on the arrest of an Indian Muslim on the charges of involvement in terrorist activities, has no time to utter a single word on this issue.
Such type of incidents has become a daily feature. But there was another news which could find a place in very few newspapers. The Delhi High Court in a very imp. matter has said,” India is not a powerful country whose wishes are respected by other countries. India is considered a soft country even if it is progressing
This comment of Hon’ble court is a big pointer. The discussion on the reasons for such a situation is always avoided by the secularists. The secular politicians are insulting our national ethos and the symbols of national pride in the name of secularism. They are ignoring the nationalists and giving preference to the group which always threats for another division. This attitude weakens the roots of the nation resulting in weaker positions in the world.