Countdown of the anti-nationals in Hyderabad begins

Hyderabad like always is the news for the wrong reasons again. A state legislator, Akbaruddin Owaisi there has not only spewed venom on the Hindus but also challenged the sovereignty of the government. Hindu beliefs were torn to shreds by this man. Gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon were mocked at. He threw an open challenge to the Hindu organisations and Hindu leaders. He then went on to challenge the government to take action against him. Not only this, he then went further and encouraged the Muslims to take on the Hindus, and if they get into trouble, all they needed to do was, to give him a call after which he would see to it that nothing happens to them. In fact, one of the Muslims who took it seriously and tried to go ahead with the charade, got a taste of his own medicine and so did Owaisi. Under pressure, the police had to take action, not only against this scoundrel, but also his brother, Asauddin Owaisi. As always, the local Muslims went on a rampage after that. They torched shops and buses, in fact, they even did not spare a bus that was full of passengers. But the kind of reaction that took place in the rest of the country taught them a lesson and they now know their days are numbered. They now know that it was vote-bank politics that was saving them and these empty threats of theirs wont last long.

The duo is the leaders of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul-Muslimeen, which in short is known as MIM. One look at the party will tell you that a party like this which was set up for anti-national activities, will naturally harbour people of Owaisi’s communaltendencies. The Nizam of Hyderabad had laid the foundations of this party way back in 1927 to establish a Muslim state. These people used to work with the Muslim League to break the nation. The Razakars who had iindulged in all kinds of inhumanities on the Hindus were members of this party only. Though, they left for Pakistan, they left behind their ideology. This is the reason why this party was banned from 1948-57. In fact, its leader, Qasim Rizvi was let off the prison only on the guarantee that he would leave India. After him, for the last forty years, it has been the Owaisi family that has been at the helm of affairs of this party. Abdul Wahid Owaisi, Salahuddin Owaisi and now Asauddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi have not only worked hard to sustain the anti-national activities of the party but also enhanced it. The Hindus of Hyderabad have always been at the receiving end of whenever something anti-muslim happens anywhere in the world. Whether it be the cooked up story of the theft of Muhammad’s hair, the hanging of Bhutto or the plane crash of Ayub, it is always the Hindus of Hyderabad and their temples which were at the receiving end. The impotent governments of the state were always subservient to these people whereas the Hindus sobbed silently. But now the story has taken a turn. Not only have they taken a resolve to save themselves but also paying them back in their own coin. Now they don’t loom up to the government. No wonder, the government too is now compelled to take action.

Now, these people understand that their days of politics of hatred are over. Now, if they have to survive in Indian politics, only love for the Hindus can make them survive. The days of taking pride in the Muslim invaders are over, the only way out is that of Raam and Krishna.