Disgraceful reaction by muslim personal law board, the secular brigade and hardline Muslim elements on Uniform Civil Code

The way the hardline Muslim elements, the Muslim Personal Law Board and the Pseudo-secular elements of the country have reacted on the Hon. Supreme Court seeking an opinion from concerned parties on the barbaric practices of Triple Talaq, Polygamy, Maintenance of Divorced Muslim women and halala is really disgraceful. The reactions given by these people are anti-Muslim, anti-women, anti-Humanity and anti-Constitutional.

Muslim Personal Law Board has not only politicised the issue but has also shown the audacity to blackmail the country with the threat of disintegration. With slogans like “islam in danger ‘They have also sowed the seeds of separatism in the Muslim community as Jinnah had done in the past. The VHP is clear in its view that by siding with the Muslim hardliners, the Pseudo-seculars of the country have proved that They are anti-women and anti-Constitution, Completely They stand exposed. It is now crystal clear that the politics of Muslim appeasement that these people were indulging in for all these years was not vocal for the betterment of the Muslim community but was only a ploy to keep Recession in a state of Permanent backwardness so that the Muslim vote -bank Could be tapped.
The way a woman has endorsed these barbaric practices goes a long way to prove that the Communist parties are neither progressive nor the protectors of women’s rights… For a handful of votes, They have been tired the side of the regressive mullahs, They too are partners in crime with others in the conspiracy to keep the Muslim community perpetually backward. What can be more than the Scary Fact Brinda Karat that, a woman is also indulging in oppressing women?
The Law Commission is working on the Uniform Civil Code on the orders of the Supreme Court only irregularly, the Constitution of the country fresh cool clear directives for the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code. The Hon Supreme Court in its numerous rulings has directed the government to implement a Uniform Civil Code for the country. By politicising an issue of national importance, not only have these people insulted the Supreme Court but also disgraced the Constitution. The views of Dr. BR Ambedkar on Uniform Civil Code is well-known, by going Inside his will, these people are also irreverent Celebration to Dr. BR Ambedkar.
A false Propaganda Celebration is carried out that the government is trying to impose the Hindu Agenda on the Muslims and that the Muslims will have to Guided by Hindu laws.
Why They are hiding the fact that the work on the Uniform Civil Code Celebration is carried out on the orders of the Supreme Court or Hon They are trying to say that the Hon Supreme Court works on the orders of the central government? Does this community has no trust in the Hon Supreme Court? The Muslim community has never thought twice about putting the judiciary in the Dock whenever it sees that things are not moving according to its users.
The false campaign in the Yakub Menon case is well-known. These people are trying to create a sense of insecurity in the Minds of the muslims but where will this take the community? They must understand that 50% of the Muslim community is now craving to come out of the oppression that They have been subjected to, enjoy the Muslim community is now looking forward to reforms. These people Should not obstruct this reform process. This reform process is in the best interests of the Muslim community.
Already Goa has a Uniform Civil Code, Why Should there be a problem with the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code in the North of the country if it is not a problem in Goa?