Nizamuddin Markaz roots for doing COVID-19 holocaust on India

The Nizamuddin Markaz episode is very shameful and unfortunate. It is a script of treason and hatred for the country. The whole of India is inch by inch fighting the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Achievements of pan-India lockdown are also being realized. The mounting rate of the fatal infections was steadily decreasing. But this conspiracy of the Tablighi Jamaat of Nizamuddin Markaz shattered these achievements. The thousands of Tablighis that fanned out all over into urban and rural India from the Markaz are victimizing people by COVID-19 and infecting and contaminating everything. Hundreds of victims of these Tablighis are being found from Kashmir to Kerala. In the form of COVID-19 human bombs, they have formed a pan-India network with the doggedness to transmit the fatal virus to the whole of India. The severity of the situation can be understood from the fact that 24 out of 120 infected persons in Delhi alone were associated with the Markaz. It is evident that the Markaz had become the epicenter of Corona quake in India. The Maulvis from 25 countries of the world being infected here are hiding in India’s mosques.

The kinds of dishonest and misleading speeches that the Markaz director and other clerics gave trashing the COVID-19 warnings and the guidelines against the pandemic show how they are creating hatred towards India in Muslim society. The Chief of the Markaz Mr. Maulana Saad said: “This is not the time to stay home, but spread out Islam. No matter what they say, we must not stop offering mass namaz and holding congregations in mosques. Come to the turf with children, women, goats, camels!” Another cleric said: “Spit out and cough up on the crowds. Spread the infection more and more!” The consequence of this hatred is that when the Markaz was being evacuated, the infected Tablighis began spitting out on the policemen, doctors and media people. After evacuation from the Markaz, some of the Tablighis were admitted to a quarantine of the railways. There also they spat out on the doctors and acted bad with the health care staff. Are these Tablighis out for apocalypse under a Jihadi agenda? How did so much hatred towards India come into them? How is this mindset related to the Tabligh? To answer these questions, the Tabligh native chart and horoscope have to be studied and understood.

In 1927 CE, one Mr. Mohammad Ilyas Kandhlawi of Kandhla started the Tabligh to swell up radicalism and rabidness in Islam. Nizamuddin in Delhi was made its global headquarters. Internalising the Deoband brainwaves, he started materializing his evil designs. Today his work has spread all over the world. Even much prior to the ISIS, they were doing the work of building up and giving currency to terrorism through radicalism. That is why no sooner action is taken on them, than the notorious terrorist organization PFI comes in their support.


To cover up its unforgivable crime and accountability, the Markaz was daring to hold the police and the administration answerable. Now its open secret motives are common knowledge. On March 12, the Delhi government had banned crowd strength of over 200 anywhere. On 13th it was reduced to 50. If the intent of the Markaz was right, they had 10 days in hand prior to the March 22 Janata Curfew (People’s Curfew). They could have totally evacuated the Markaz. But their agenda was to organize suicide terrorist squads and lone wolves. On 24th March, after warnings, the Markaz was ordered by the administration to be evacuated. When the Markaz did not comply, doctors were sent there on 25th. The health care professionals were also not allowed in. Then Shri Ajit Doval – National Security Advisor of India – had to intervene and the administration took exacting action to evacuate the Markaz.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that the secular gang that supported the nationwide violence by giving speeches at Shaheen Bagh is sitting with its tongues sewn and padlocked on this topic. They should use their sway to hospitalize all the clerics who have gone from the Markaz so that the Corona positive ones cannot spread the fatal virus further. Sensible leaders of the Muslim society should also understand one thing that they should ensure social distancing of and quarantine for these fundamentalists and Jamaatis, otherwise Islam can be isolated in the whole world. They themselves should go ahead and stop the Tablighis and ban the Ijtema too. They should spread the message of love for the country and not hatred. They should appreciate it that what they put out is what they are going to get in return.

The Central and State Governments have handled this case very strongly. But the Mullahs & the Maulvis that emerged from here have fanned out all over the length and breadth of the country. They are being caught. More than 400 indigenous and foreign clerics have been caught. The government should do it that in whichever mosque these Tablighis are found, they should be restricted to those very buildings and quarantined there, so that they cannot be at large infiltrating into unaffected populations spreading the fatal virus. Despite the dates around for mass festivities of Hindus in the country, the temples and monasteries have voluntarily locked down, but the mosques have been kept open as a show of defiance and challenge to the administration. The government should immediately lockdown such mosques. In the world at large now cremation is taking over from inhumation as the dominant burial rite as it appreciates that burying the COVID-19 infected corpses can heavily contaminate the ground water sources and channels, thus eventually making the living beings internalize it, and so, cremating the infected corpses is the only way out. Very many countries of the world are now doing cremation. Despite this, people of the Muslim community in India are doggedly out to bury their COVID-19 infected corpses with contempt for the living population. The government should make it mandatory for the infected corpses to be cremated irrespective of religious or caste affiliations, so that the COVID-19 chain is effectively broken from spreading further.

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