Election Commissioner’directive-A big blow to Muslim appeasement

The Election Commission’s (EC) directive on 11 January 2012, to put a halt to the Muslim reservations in the five states going to the polls will go a long way in making the foundations of Indian democracy strong. On the eve of elections, the Congress party had announced the implementation of unconstitutional and anti-national 4.5% reservations for the Muslims in 27% quota meant for the backward classes. They had done it quite cleverly well in time not to attract the ire of the ‘code of conduct’ of the election commission. It was then that a high-level committee of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) met the EC on the 29th of December, making them aware of their responsibility and constitutional state against the mischievous, Machiavellian move of the congress party. The VHP is grateful that the EC recognised its responsibility and decided to stop the put a spoke in the wheels of the congress party’s misdemeanour. Not only has the EC managed to stop the country from declining into a crisis, but it has also put the brakes on opening a Pandora’s Box of offering more reservations. By taking this step, the EC has put the brakes on the secular parties from pushing the whole country on the brink of a communal clash. The EC will find a place in the annals of the history of Indian democracy for showing the gumption to implement this order. It is also a slap on the face of all those secular parties which have been treating the Muslims only as a vote-bank. This is also a golden opportunity for all these parties to do a rethink on their policy of Muslim appeasement. This policy is unconstitutional and anti-national and the judiciary and various other bodies have been pointing towards this for some time now. They should try and find novel ways of helping the needy rather than indulging in backroom manoeuvres to hoodwink the constitution and the judiciary, only then will the country survive and they too will survive only when the country survives. Else, India too will go the Pakistan/Bangladesh way and this will certainly not be in their interest either.