Elections 2014: Time for muslim community to introspect

In a democracy, no election is insignificant. However, the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 have come to acquire a special meaning. Even earlier, we have had personality-based elections. Usually, the candidates from the Nehru-Gandhi were always the centre of personality-centred elections but in this personality-oriented election, the centre of attraction is a man who has got nothing to do with the family. So strong is the individuality of this man that it has subsumed even the BJP, which has always prided itself as a party based on ideoology. Even more astounding is how the Congress and the other so-called secular parties have crossed all limits in trying to polarise votes in the most communal of fashion. In a strange situation, those who had indulged in encouraging terrorism, those rioters who should have been ashamed of their deeds, have now become objects of sympathy because of these pseudo-secularists and their ways. From the Election Commission to the Hon Supreme Court to all the patriotic institutions of the country were made to undergo a trial by fire. Even the patriotic Muslims of the country must also have veered round to accepting these people as their representatives. This is something that used to happen even earlier, but then the BJP used to work among the Hindus to strengthen their views. This time, under Modi, the BJP has restricted itself to only talking about development model. Anyone who came out in the open to project the Hindu opinion was simply brushed aside. Only the future will tell us how much they were successful in their endeavour and what the denouement of this strategy will be. One thing though is clear that this time the fear of the secularists regarding the consolidation of the Hindu vote is just not there.

Post independence analysis shows that the Muslims of this country are already enjoying more rights than the Muslim community of any other country. Whether it is the Haj subsidy, separate civil code, Islamic Bank, loans on low-interest rates, the power to influence the policies of the nation, granting refuge to the insurgents from Bangladesh or the myriad other rights that are a topic for debate all the time. But there is one more right that the Muslim community enjoys in this country, so heinous is this right that no civilised society will accept it anywhere in the world. The partition of India carried out completely on communal lines, direct action after partition that resulted in one of the biggest man-slaughters of all times, the genocidal clean-up of the Kashmir valley which emptied the valley of all Hindu population, thousands of attacks on the Hindus in the name of Jehad, the destruction of more than 500 Hindu temples, attacks on one’s own army, insult of the tri colour time and again, these are issues for which the affected Hindu community is blamed instead of the ones who have been perpetrating these crimes. Something of this sort is not seen anywhere else in the world.

But a closer look will tell you that despite the fact that the Muslims have been the biggest beneficiaries of the rights that got conferred on the Muslims in the name of secularism, the Muslims have actually ended up becoming slaves and this situation is of their own making. The Muslim community is a slave of the barbaric tradition of medieval times, a section of the Muslim community is desperately trying to come out of it. They are slaves to the memories of those foreign mercenaries who attacked this country time and again, killed lakhs of Hindus, demolished thousands of temples and carried out the forcible conversion of the crores of Hindus. It must be mentioned here that 95% of Indian Muslims are those whose forefathers were forcibly converted from Hinduism into Islam, they must also know that to achieve this conversion, their forefathers were subjected to inhuman torture. This is really unbelievable that these Muslims who should harbour hatred for Islam and the earlier Muslims who carried out unbearable, inhuman torture on their ancestors, are today actually proud of belonging to that tradition and looking to walk on the path of those same tyrants. They are slaves of the ‘aayats’ of a heaven-sent book that inspires them to hate the Hindus and carry out jehad against their own country. They are slavees of those pseudo-secularists who have been trying tooth and nail to instil in them a sense of fear. These pseudo-secularists have been creating a fear psychosis among the Muslims of the country from the Hindu organisations of the country, an unfounded fear. This results in the hate that Muslims keep spewing on the Hindus and the country. A few leaders of the Muslim community have even called Bharat Mata, a witch and some have even threatened to burn the constitution. The tricolour is oft disrespected by these elements. Indian police have had to bear the brunt of the uncontrolled fury of the Indian Muslims whenever some sort of violence is perpetrated on Muslims in some other part of the world, the vandalisation of respected idols of the country is becoming more and more commonplace. The Muslims have also been opposing any action on the terrorists and Bangladeshi insurgents. Like the bullock wearing blinkers, they see only as much as their masters want them to see. And if some Muslims somewhere actually talk about introspection, then his voice is quickly bottled. In earlier times, it was the Muslims who used to shout, “islam in danger,” with the secularists following them, now this has been turned on its head, now the secularists are leading the charge and the Muslims are all in tow. History tells us that the society that lives by hatred and does not indulge in introspection, eventually falls by the side. This slave mentality will make the Muslims increase their numbers in the country but this will not lead to their development, it will lead them only to more backwardness. The Muslims must understand that if they want to move forward, then they will have to throw off the yoke of their secular masters. If they don’t do this, then the slogan, ‘I have a right in India’s progress’ will remain a pipe dream.