Hajpolicy- time to review

“One more cup of tea and then we will go,” seems to be the motto of the muslims of the country and when you believe in this idiom, it means that you are not only unwelcome guests but you have also overstayed your welcome. When it comes to availing Haj subsidy in the country, living off the backs of the Hindus, has become a favourite pastime of the Muslims of independent India, so it seems. They are having their cake and eating it too, the muslims in India are enjoying the best of both the worlds. The Haj policy of the government is definitely skewed in favour of the muslims. The judiciary of the country has time and again raised objections on the way the hard-earned money of the citizens of the country is being squandered mercilessly and shamelessly. Now, the Supreme Court of the country has gone to the extent of saying, “It is possible that this Haj policy is being misused for political expediency. This is definitely a very reprehensible religious policy. In this respect, a new policy for Haj should definitely be formulated.” After the hard stance taken by the Supreme Court, all the political parties who have so far been indulging in muslim appeasement, must now make a rethink on the Haj policy because of which the Indian exchequer has been pillaged of crores of rupees over the past so many years. Are they waiting for a clear judgement from the courts here too, just like they have been doing in the case of corruption?

The Haj subsidy has been around since 1959. The undisputed “navab” of India, Nehru, enacted the Haj Act to bring the Haj subsidy into effect. He knew very well that he could create a dedicated muslim vote-bank without even spending a penny from his pocket and hold on to power with an iron-like grip forever. The tradition of opening the coffers of the country for the illicit gratification of the muslim community, which was started by Nehru, was then followed by all his successors to the hilt. But, no one seems to have given a thought to the interests of the country in this blind race of outdoing each other when it came to muslim appeasement. Successive governments continued to increase the subsidy amount. Some state governments even went to the extent of misutilising the offerings made to the government controlled Hindu temples for this subsidy in the most brazen and unconstitutional manner. The country had a lot of expectations from the BJP government when it was at the centre but even the BJP left no stone unturned in appeasing the muslims and continuing the policy. Not only did they increase the Haj subsidy, but also constructed Haj houses, which were going to be used apparently only once in a year. Of course, now they are being used only for Jehadi activities. This subsidy is only increasing and there seems to be no end to it. In 2008, the central government alone spent some Rs 770 crore on it. It is estimated that last year, this amount increased to Rs 1800 crore. In 2007, the central government had spent some Rs 47454 per Haj pilgrim. Contrast this with the most arduous pilgrimage undertaken anywhere in the world, the Mansarovar Yatra, the government spends only Rs 200 per pilgrim here. In a petition in the Supreme Court, some time ago, the government had assured that it would provide subsidies to the pilgrimages undertaken by pilgrims of other religions too. The Supreme Court had accepted the lawfulness of the Haj Yatra only on this assurance. Is this the real face of the centre’s secularism?
It is very important to know what Islam says on this subject. The Shariat very clearly states that the Haj Yatra should be undertaken only by those who are physically and financially able to perform it. Haj Yatra, undertaken by one’s own financial capability is the only one acceptable to Allah. This means that the Haj Yatras undertaken after 1959 are not kosher (halal). The subsidy for the Haj Yatra is given by the taxes paid by the tax-payers and definitely, the number of tax payers in the country who are non-muslim, non-believers (kafirs) is many times higher that of the muslims, so isn’t the subsidy, then forbidden (haram) for the muslims? This subsidy can be a kosher only in the special case when it is ‘maleganimat’, i.e. when it has been looted in the name of Jehad and it is left for the politicians of this country to fathom how dangerous this will be for the country.

It is important that we know that opinions of the muslim leaders on this subsidy. From Shahabuddin, Owaisi to Madani, all the proclaimed leaders of the muslims in the country hold the view that a susbsidy of the kind provided in India is totally anti-Islam and anti-Sharia. They are also of the view that a major part of this subsidy is spent on the fares of Air India and the fares of Air India, India’s national carrier are high. In comparison to this, other airlines ply the pilgrims at much lower rates for which no subsidy is required. Because of this subsidy, the muslims not only end up taking a lot of flak, they also do not really benefit out of it. They want to leave this facility of Haj subsidy, but are they also willing ot leave the benefits of Haj House?
The central government had assured the Supreme Court that they would phase out the subsidy by 2011 but till date, nothing concrete towards achieving anything of this sort has been done. Now, the Supreme Court has put an end to the bulky delegation that used to accompany the Haj pilgrims on government expenditure. The time has now arrived when all political parties should think how a way out can be achieved from this unconstitutional, immoral and anti-national policy. Prior to doing this, they must come to an understanding that no one would play petty politics when discussing this issue. They must understand that the country has only been losing out because of the policy of appeasement. The various rulings of the Supreme Court must be understood in context that people of the country have realised that the policy of appeasement has only led to bad end-results. As long as this bad policy will continue, the muslims of the country will not be able to join the mainstream. The outrage among the Hindus will only increase which will lead to an explosive situation anytime.