A Helpless Prime minister?

The Prime Minister’s address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of India’s independence was not only disappointing but also directionless. The citizens of the nation were expecting that the PM will outline how the country is going to face the myriad challenges that it is facing at this point of time. But today the citizens were left at the mercy of a weakling PM who was merely trying to justify the unjustifiable wrongs with his weak arguments. The nation is at the receiving end of terrorism and unmitigated corruption is snapping its heels. But, one did not see the Manmohan Singh, the PM, the leader, who could take the country out of this morass. Instead, he seemed an apologetic PM, who ended up threatening the very people who had taken up the cudgels to check corruption.
At the very beginning of the speech, he said that there are people who are trying to cause trouble in the country. Yet, he does not want to identify them. If his fingers were pointing towards the Jehadi and the leftist terrorists, then who does he hold responsible for this turn of events? The whole world knows that both these forms of terrorism in the country are being nurtured by the central government only. On the one hand, he has been nurturing the Jehadis for the muslim vote-bank and on the other hand, he has been protecting the left terrorists for ideological reasons. This means that he himself is the one who is responsible for all the trouble. If he is pointing an accusing finger on Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev, then this will get very dangerous and will become a repeat of the 1975 situation. Even then, during erstwhile Indira Gandhi’s tenure, she had tried to put down the anti-corruption crusade led by Dr Jay Prakash Narayan and his friends and made false allegations against them to impose the Emergency. In both the cases, it looks like he is trying to take the country towards an Emergency-like situation.
Today, the country has taken a stand against corruption. Therefore, it was only natural that he would speak on corruption. He said that the fight against corruption could be won only when all citizens are prepared to cooperate against it. Now, what kind of cooperation is he looking forward to? He tries to trample the anti-corruption crusade by levelling false allegations against them. This is exactly what was done with Baba Ramdev. In the dead of the night, he orders the police to crackdown on the peaceful agitators, now what kind of cooperation is he seeking from them? Any parallel to the kind of character-assassination of Anna Hazare that some leaders of the Congress have indulged in will be difficult to find in any other democracy of the world. The kind of uncultured language that was being used against Padmashree and Padmavibhushan Anna Hazare cannot be condoned. Is this the kind of cooperation that he is seeking? By making false and undignified comments, was he fighting against corruption or only ending up nurturing it even more? One of the leaders was trying to prove in his street language that Anna is Mafiosi personified whereas another tried to run him down with serious but false allegations while always holding onto his crook-like smile that befits only the scoundrel villainous character, Shakuni of Mahabharata. Even prior to this, whenever a constitutional body tried to act against corruption, these people trampled it with all its might. Manmohan Singh, in the past has even taken on the Hon Supreme Court and asked it to remain within its limits when the Hon Supreme Court made remarks against the prevalent corruption. These people have left no stone unturned to make mincemeat of even the CAG and PAC, organisations that have earned a reputation for integrity over the years. So, what kind of cooperation does the PM expect, does he want the citizens of the country to wear blinkers and just watch the country being looted by the corrupt?
The PM says that it will be the parliament that will decide the format of the Lokpal Bill. But, actually, the bill that will be discussed in the parliament will be the ‘Sakarpal’ bill that the government has formed to save the corrupt. There will be a poll on the recommendations of the opposition, which will not, in any case find majority. The fate of the PAC is awaiting the parliament too. The kind of venom that the government has been spewing on the opposition, this tells us what kind of attitude any discussion on the lokpal bill is awaiting in the parliament. This means that the parliament will pass only the kind of bill that his government wishes to. This is why they have threatened Anna not to carry out the fast and the blockade. Do they want to even take away the constitutional right of an individual to protest? Is it because of this that one outspoken minister of the government said that Anna should have the understanding of the constitution?
During the course of the speech, he also talked about the fight against terrorism. He said that this fight could be won only when everyone cooperates in the fight. He wants to malign the Hindu community by using the word, ‘Saffron Terrorism’, by bringing in the ‘Communal (Prevention) Bill’; he is trying to make the Hindus responsible for all the riots in the country whereas the reality is just the opposite. He has been, on a regular basis, implicating the Hindu saints in false cases and then has the temerity to ask for their cooperation too. One is hard-pressed to understand this policy of the PM. Referring to Naxalism, he said that the causes behind Naxalism will have to be rooted out. But then, why is it that one of the leaders of the Naxalites, Dr Binayak Sen has been made a specialist on the government’s committee on economic matters? Isn’t he nurturing Naxalism by this act of his? Has he ever carried out an open discussion on Jehadi and Naxalist terrorism? He should know that as long as the fight with these people is not taken to the ideological level, these forces will not be defeated. What kind of a fight is this, where there is neither sword in the hand nor the resolve to win?
It seems that he neither wants to fight against terrorism nor against corruption. He seems to like both because both cater to his selfish motives. If he does want to fight against anyone, it seems, that is against the ones who are fighting against corruption. The PM has given the message to the nation today that both corruption and terrorism are free to operate in the country. It will be a great curse on this country if this PM and the government under him is allowed to continue for even a moment. Therefore, it is our duty to support people like Anna and send out the message, “Change your wicked ways or we will change you.