Jains have now been granted minority status by the Central Govt, this is not only an unpardonable
act in bad faith meant to drive a wedge in the Hindu society but also amounts to contempt of the
highest court of the land. Even the British, who managed to partition the country into two, could
not achieve this feat of dividing the Hindu community. But the haste with which the sycophantic
Manmohan Singh led govt has implemented this policy on the orders of Rahul Gandhi, it seems it is
neither concerned about the unity of the nation nor has any respect for the rulings of the highest
court. What the British could not achieve, has now been accomplished by Congress. In 2005, Hon
Supreme Court had ruled that minorityism was not in the best interests of the country and should be
abandoned quickly. It had put the onus of putting an end to this policy of appeasement on both the
Centre and the Minority Commission. A three-member committee set up under Justice Lahoti had
propounded that the govt and the Minority Commission create such social conditions that with time,
the communities listed in the minority list be gradually removed from the list, so that eventually
such a list would no longer exist. They had specifically refused to include any new community in
the central list. It must be noted here that the members of the Jain community themselves had
requested the Committee not to include the community in the list. It is a travesty of sorts that the
people who are responsible for the unity of the country, are the very ones, who are trying every trick
in the book to destroy it.
The Constitution guarantees some rights for the minorities, however it has now opened a Pandora’s
box for the minorities. Though the insidious target was always the ‘muslim vote bank’, however,
some members of other communities too have joined the bandwagon in the race to corner as
many benefits for their community as poossible. Prior to the Jain community, the Arya Samaj, Ram
Krishna Mission, Gorakhsa Samaj too had tried to corner the benefits of these special privileges.
Interrestingly, some of these organisations had actually been formed to protect the Hindu
community itself. Such special privileges for minorities do not exist anywhere in the world. The
struggle for equal rights for minorities takes place everywhere in the world, but special rights for
minorities is quite unheard of. This is why people who should have been proud to call themselves
Hindu are now wanting to call themselves by other names. If this trend contiinues, then who will
want to call himself a Hindu? But then this is what perhaps the framers of such law want. Where will
all this lead to, perhaps, ultimately, these people will have no qualms about even seceding from the
nation. The govt must heed the advice of the Lahoti Committee, it should make all the rights and
privileges bequeathed upon the minorities to all the communities. Only this is in natonal interest.
It is being said the members of the Jain community had themselves gone too the commission
seeking minority status, however, many of them later stated that they had not been told why they
were being taken to the commission, later the whole thing was given a politicial twist and they
were told that if this thing came through, then they could garner the votes of the community. Are
the Jains a minority community-this was never discussed. Who were those people who went to
the commission reprresenting the Jain community? Was any kind of polling of the Jain community
resorted to, were the saints of the community consulted? On discussions with all the saints of all
the sects of the Jain Community and its people, one can easily come to the conclusion that the
majority of them are not in favour of the minoroty status being bestowed upon them. The saints of
the stahankavasi and Digambar sects have been opposing this status. The author of this piece, has in
his possession, many documents that have talked about the opposition to this status. The author’s
family itself has given three saints to the community and their opinion is very well known. This
means that some people have self-appointed themselves as the representatives of the community
and in order to please their political bosses, have done this wheeling-dealing. The politicians, it
seems have used them to serve their ow selfish ends.
In a religious gathering in 2009, the religious leaders had said that since times immemorial, people
of differents beliefs, religions and sects had been co-existing in the country peacefully, then why
is this wedge being created in the name of minority-majority today, something which could end
up threatening the very existence of the nation? It is a historical fact that this country has been
named after Bharat, the son of Rishabhdev. Both the Jain and Hindu beliefs compliment each other
philosophically and spiritually. Jain and Hindu are but two names for values, though the approach to
their achievements of goals may be different. All its saints have come from the sanatanis, even today
some 70% of the tirthankaras of the Jain community belong to the sanatani school of thought.
The Jain community is being promised reservations and scholarships for their aspiring students, but
one will have to think if the Jains, the most affluent community of the country, will bring upon itself
the ignominy of being called ‘minority’s for such a trifle. They have also been assured that the Jain
organisations and its temples will have no interference from the government, but it has to be seen if
there is any intereference at the moment. The jain comunity does not need minority status but the
goodwill of the Hindus for their success.
The Jain community will have to analyse whether the benefits that will accrue to it, will be beneficial
to it or will be more of a loss on account of the loss of goodwill. The leaders of the community who
are clamouring for minority status should do a rethink and give up this demand in the larger interest
of the nation.The intelligentsia should wake up and pressurise the govt to take this decision back.
The govt must think if a society steeped in minorityism will be good for the country or the one
whereHindus are united.

Hindus are united.