Jehadi Tipu’s anniversary will not be allowed: Bajrang Dal Karnataka

The regional conclave of Bajrang Dal in many states will be coming to an end this year. I visited some of these conclaves. I got the opportunity to attend the closing ceremony of the Dakshhin Karnataka conclave, “trishul dharan” ceremony, and also the opportunity to address a Hindu conference. This conclave organised on the holy land of Mangaluru was unique because of the unflinching dedication and struggle the the Bajrang Dal activists displayed, it is because of this that Mangaluru today has become the centre of Hindu renaissance.The area is contiguous to Kerala, this makes it an easy prey for jehadi muslims of Kerala, who easily cross over from the state, incite the local muslims and with their help carry out murderous attacks on the Hindus of the region. Therefore, along with Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Karnataka too has become a nurturing ground of terrorists. Terrorists and their accomplices have been apprehended from Karnataka so many times. Because of geographical and local factors, Mangaluru has become a hot-bed of terrorism. The secular mafia of the country provides these anti-nationals with political patronage. The fact that with only a population of 13%, the muslims in Karnataka have been daring to take on the Hindus is really shocking. In Mangaluru, the percentage of Muslims is 25% and hence the guts to take on the Hindus increases. In recent times, some 15 Hindus have been killed by the muslims, however the perpetrators have not yet been found as they have the blessings of the secular government.

This should be a cause of surprise and analysis for all as to why the Hindus are at the receiving end even when they are in a majority, though one can understand why they get beaten up when they are in a minority.

One will have to sit back and ponder on this, this is what the Hindus of Mangaluru are brainstorming over and trying to find a solution to.

The Mangaluru conclave was a resounding success in this direction. Valiance and not desertion became the fundamental feature of the conclave. With ‘trishul dharan’ ceremony, the spirit of valour was inducted into the youth and a vow to defend the country, religion and society was taken.

The attendance from the district and prakhand level was very encouraging. A plan was made to strengthen the organisation upto the prakhand level.

The public gathering at the end of the conclave was incredible.

The present government is planning to celebrate the ??????? of Tipu Sultan, the butcher king who killed thousands of Hindus, demolished thousands of temples and forcibly converted 50,000 Hindus.

This barbaric jehadi is being presented as an ideal for the muslim community, no doubt, the muslims will naturally follow Tipu Sultan. All the dignitaries spoke on this occasion and a decision was taken not to allow the ??????? celebrations.

Last year too, we had taken up the cudgels to stop these celebrations and one of ours was martyred in the process by a jehadi muslim.

A resolve was taken at the conclave to not let go down the sacrifice of our brother.

The photographs of all 15 martyred Hindus had been put up at the conclave, when I rose to garland the photographs, everyone present in the gathering stood up to pay their respects, a tearful final tribute to the martyrs.

Amidst slogans of victory, a resolve was taken to teach a lesson to the murderers.

“Sacrifices don’t make the Hindu weak, on the contrary, it infuses them with more energy,” one could see this come true that day at the conclave.

The newspapers of the region also displayed these two issues prominently.

The conclave had the potential to give the entire Hindu society a unique kind of leadership and direction.

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