Justice Markandeya Katju-The New Saviour of the Jehadi Terrorists

Justice Markandeya katju is one name that has always been in the midst of controversy. He has been commenting on several sensitive issues which do not only lead to endless controversies but also ends up sensationalising the issue. He does not only make such comments on the social and political issues, even the judicial issues are not spared by him. During his tenure in Allahabad High Court, he had created a controversy by commenting ‘something rotten in Allahabad High Court’, this controversy had continued for a long time.

Very recently, 90% of Indians were termed stupid by him. The controversies created by him are endless. In fact, there are people who think that he has been doing this deliberately to stay in the limelight. Whatever be the reason, one thing is clear, that controversies and Katju follow each other.

But now what Justice Katju has said does not only create a sensation but also affects the nation’s security in a negative way. In a seminar held by a media group, he said that the irresponsible reporting of terrorist attacks by the media leads to communalism in the country. He just did not stop at this but went ahead to state that in such reportings, the media portrays the Muslims as a devil. According to him, once there is a bomb blast, the media immediately starts saying that some terrorist organisations like the Jaish-e-Mohammad or the Indian Mujahideen have accepted responsibility for the blast and an email or sms to such effect has been received. Whatever he says after, only a saviour of the terrorists can be expected to say, the ordinary man on the street cannot even think of uttering something of this sort. He says that the email can be the handiwork of some lumpen elements, however, the reporting is done in a way that it looks like all Muslims are terrorists and all of them have only work, that of throwing bombs. The media portrays the whole Muslim community as devils and this creates a communal situation in the country. Justice Katju’s extremely trivialised comments are not only irresponsible but will go a long way in encouraging the terrorists in carrying out their future work. Now the terrorists have got one more weapon in their hands and will use it to justify their future heinous acts. Justice Katjju has only strengthened its already strong position in the country by saying all this. They will use this weapon now not only to justify their wrong-doings but also use it in the judiciary to save their skin. This comment of Justtic Katju will not be a roadblock in the way of the media to carry out neutral and factual reporting. In fact Justice Katju has made a frontal attack on the media that he would not allow the media to carry out such reports. One question that naturally comes to one’s mind is whether he is the saviour of the media or a dictator.

India has been the worst when it comes to being at the receiving end of jehadi terrorism. He should know that the era is over when the terrorists were of foreign origin, now most of them are home-grown. The local help that they receive is also now well-known. Now that local help and support was coming to a halt because of which they were perturbed. Taking into account this, the terrorists could have been given a body blow. We all know that till we do not beat terrorism at the ideological level, terrorism will stay. The vote-bank seekers are now in a quandary, one can understand their worry, but what can be the underlying temptation of someone of the stature of Justice Katju. After advising the media to conceal the names of the terrorist organisations, will he now advise the media to also conceal the names of the terrorists? Or will he go a step further and advise them to catch some Hindus in place of the terrorists? Justice Katju belongs to the state of Kashmir, will he want to save the terrorist organisations of Kashmir who carried out the genocide of the Kashmiri Hindus only because their names are Muslim?

Justice Katju is advised not to play with the security of the country merely to stay in the news. He should not be under the illusion that he will become secular by only espousing the cause of the Muslims. He should always remember his kith and kin who were killed by the Muslims in Kashmir and must try that such genocide is not carried out anywhere else in the country.