Mamta for Jehadis, Muharram violence for Hindus

Mamta has transformed into a wasteland what was once Sonar Bangla. Hindus were at the receiving end even during the Left rule, but the kind of atrocities that the Mamta regime has inflicted on the Hindus in the name of Muslim appeasement is something that the Hindus did not undergo even during Islamic rule. The bans that were imposed on Durga Puja this year were unprecedented. It was only because of the intervention of the Hon High Court that the Hindus found some relief. However, the Jehadi elements, on the provocation of the Muslim Personal Law Board, carried out the most macabre violence in Muslim-majority areas.

At so many places in West Bengal, beef was used by the Muslims to desecrate the puja pandals, the idols were destroyed and temples ransacked. Hindu women were raped, the shops and residences of Hindus were ransacked and burnt down and murderous attacks were carried out on the Hindus.
Whereas the Bangladesh government has been trying to put up a veneer of protecting the Hindus, back home in India, Mamta is providing protection to the jehadis. Therefore, the police in West Bengal is filing cases against the Hindus instead of the Jehadis. Even earlier, the Hindus were unable to perform Durga Puja at many places, but this year the opposition to puja has reached unprecedented levels. The atrocities inflicted on the Hindus this year were unprecedented.
In many places, the violence that started on 11 October has not ebbed even now, in Maldah’s Kaligram, Kharaba, Rishipara, Chanchal; Murshidabad’s Taaltali, Ghospara, Jalangi; Hooghly’s Urdipara, Chandannagore, Telanipara, Urdibazar; North 24 parganas’ Hazinagar, Naihati; West Midnapore’s Golabazar, Kharagpur, East Midnapore’s Kalaberia, Bhagwanpur; Burdwan’s Hathkhola, Ballavpur Ghat, Katoa, Howrah’s Sakrail, Andulan, Argori, Manikpur, Birbhum’s Kankartalla; Nadia’s Hazinagar and at several such places, inhuman atrocities were meted out to the Hindus.
The Vishva Hindu Parishad appeals to Mamta Banerjee and the secular mafia that they put an end to Muslim appeasement. This Jehadi fire will not only burn to ashes the entire nation but will also one day engulf them and finish them off too.Mamtaji would do well to remember how a Maulvi had threatened her with dire consequences if his demands were not met. The devil mentality of these Jehadis is evident in the way the police personnel and the District Magistrate were beaten up and the police station looted in Kaligram and Chanchal.
This Jehadi violence was evident even in Bihar. Champaran’s Purkalia, raxaul, Sugauli, Kishenganj, Madhepura, Gopalganj, Piro (Arrah), Milki, Bhagalpur village; Aurangabad’s Varun, Khogiya and Patna’s Bakhtiyarpur. Nitish’s sushan has turned into a nightmarish dushashan for the Hindus there. Even today, the Jehadi fire has not subsided in Bihar and the Nitish govt which is unable to take action against the Jehadis has been filing false cases on the Hindus.
The main organisations of Bengal have met the Hon Governor and submitted their grievances to him. This will happen in Bihar too. Thereafter, a meeting with all the District Magistrates will also be held.
We have had enough. Please do not test the patience of the Hindus. if secular governments are unable to fulfil their constitutional duties, then the Hindus will take matters in their own hands to save their existence.