Muslim vote-bank more dangerous than Jehadi terrorism

India has been facing Jehadi terrorism for the past 1300 years, crores of Hindus have been slaughtered in the name of Jehad and so many more converted to Islam. It was this Islamic terrorism that led to India’s partition, even after partition, a free India has seen the deaths of some 70000 Hindus because of this and the widowing of some 50000 women. From Kashmir to Kerala and from Assam to Gujarat, they have repeatedly proved their firm grip on terrorist activities. Today, not only India but some 42 countries of the world are affected by this Jehadi terrorism. But, whenever any nation has made up its mind to put an end to this sort of terrorism, they have, needless to say, succeeded. India has been the most afflicted with this menace of jehadi terrorism, however, its resolve to succeed over this, is being continuously discouraged, because of which, not only is this form of terrorism increasing in intensity, quite interestingly, the people who are supposed to put an end to it, have become the sponsors of it.

Whenever a person or organisation takes up the cudgels to fight this out, then these people put all their resources together to foil their attempts. For the secular brigade, the Muslim vote-bank has become so indispensable that they can go to any length to appease them. To appease them, not only do they keep blaming the Hindus of the country for the plight of the Muslims, but also go to any extent to shower the limited resources of the nation on them. The ones who speak out, are so ruthlessly put down that they never raise their voice again. What is worse, even the nation’s judiciary and election commission and many other constitutional bodies are not spared and subjected to abject humiliation.

In the last few days, the kind of shameful gimmicks that were adopted by the politicians of the country in trying to garner the votes of the Muslims in the assembly elections went beyond anything that can be called dignified. Just prior to the elections, the way the ‘Communal violence Bill’ was introduced, it smacked of a certain promise to the Muslims that while they could get away with carrying out any kind of riot with the Hindus, the Hindus, no matter what would always be at the receiving end of all justice. After this, the way the Muslim reservation bill was introduced, there was no doubt that it would lead to the basic groundwork for another partition of the country. After this, Uttar Pradesh became an open battleground for the appeasement of the Muslims. The race for Muslim reservation was getting so hot that it seemed that the Hindus of the country would never again get an opportunity for either jobs or education. Whereas someone tried to prove that the Batla encounter was fake, there were others who saw tears running down Sonia’s cheeks in the aftermath of this event. It is difficult to understand why these tears simply dry up when the Hindus get killed in jehadi terror acts. When the Election Commission ordered the stay of the Muslim reservation, the kind of challenges that were thrown to the commission left everyone shell-shocked. These rioters were being led by none other than the Law Minister of the country himself. It must be remembered here that the foundation of India’s partition was led in Uttar Pradesh only. It seemed as if the foundation for another partition of the country was again being laid in the same state.

The way the unconstitutional reservations for Muslims were thrown in the waste paper basket by the judiciary should lead to some introspection by the leaders of the secular brigade who were sponsoring it. But the kind of challenges and aspersions that were made against the judiciary was horrendous. These kinds of remarks were made earlier when the judiciary had turned down the ‘minority status’ of the Aligarh Muslim University. Now on the eve of the Presidential election, the way the Hindutvavadi Prime Minister has been castigated, it goes a long way to show that these people will not leave any stone unturned to rake up this issue.

The appeasement policy of the Muslims which started with the Khilafat movement has not ended even after the partition of the country. There seems to be no end to it, it is only gaining from strength to strength. The Hindu society, therefore, will have to put its resources together to see that it does not raise its ugly head again.