One Important Question

A brief background first. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has been in the forefront of organizing the Hindu society and been in the vanguard in protecting the Hindu society. VHP works for the Hindu and not against anybody. In the able guidance of venerated Hindu Dharmacharyas and with the help of the Hindu society, VHP has been running thousands of service projects in the field of education, healthcare, skill development, women empowerment etc for the upliftment of the down trodden of our society. Thousands of Pujya Dharmacharyas belonging to all the “Dharmadhara”, (Vaidik, Jain, Bauddha, Sikh, etc.) born in this country, “Bharatvarsha” , have collectively proclaimed from the VHP platform “हिंदव: सोदरा: सर्वे, न हिन्दु पतितो भवेत्” meaning (loosely)- as all Hindus are children of one Mother, thus no Hindu can be considered of low birth or fallen because being born in a particular family or caste. Thus emphasizing the basic equality, unity and harmony in the Hindu Dharma and society. This has gone a long way in the process of eradicating the social evil of untouchability that has plagued the Hindu society since the constant siege of foreign aggressors of many centuries. VHP has contributed in protecting, spreading Hindu values not only in Bharat, but also in scores of countries in the world.

Today , in the prevailing situation in Bharat, thinking about the Hindu Dharma, a lot of people are trying to teach the Hindu society as if the Hindus are anti – Muslim. But one may think that a change of perspective is also required by many of the anti – Hindu forces. Generally speaking, Hindu Dharma will include two aspects, namely – the way one prays and the second aspect will deal with the Rashtriyata (राष्ट्रीयता) and Sanskruti (संस्कृती) which will include Hindu life – values (जीवन मूल्य). One’s way of praying may be different, but on the basis of Rashtriyata and Sanskruti, everyone is on the same platform. Let us now think about the concept of Muslim Ummah in this light. It will be enlightening to look at the recent statements by the Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mahmood Kureshi, about lack of support of Muslim Ummah for Pakistan against Bharat in the case of abrogation of article 370 from J&K (due to monetary investments in Bharat by respective Islamic countries). There have been many instances of wars between the Muslim countries eg. Saudi Arabia and Yemen (presently going on), Iran and Iraq etc. where both sides, despite being Muslim, are fighting amongst themselves and have been loyally fighting for their own countries. This is also important in Bharat today, in the case of Shree Ramjanmabhumi issue. Due to selfish political motivation and in some cases separatist tendencies, certain leadership of Muslims (and some so called intellectual non – Muslim leaders) are misguiding the Muslim society in the Ramjanmabhumi issue. By not agreeing to hand over the Shree Ramjanmabhumi to Hindus, the question arises to whom do the loyalties and the attachments of this leadership lie with – the great Shree Ram of this country or Babar, the cruel, violent foreign aggressor? This is all the more important, as Shree Ram Janmabhumi is not even a proper and regular place of worship of Muslims. Can the Muslim society look to people of the kind & caliber of Late Shree APJ Abdul Kalam ji or Shree Abdul Hamid or Shree Ashfak Ulla Khan as their leaders to guide their actions? This is a very important question because this attitude will decide whether one identifies with and gives importance to the aspirations of 100 crore Hindus or identifies with the cruel, violent foreign aggressor, Babar? Today only the Muslim leadership’s aspirations are suspect, but tomorrow…? One must remember that when the Babari structure, the symbol of Hindu insult, was distroyed and a small Shree Ramlala temple was built by the huge Hindu crowd in Ayodhya on the fateful day of Geeta Jayanti, 6th December 1992, not a single Masjid was harmed in Ayodhya. Since before 1947, unfortunately, the then political leadership of Bharat had promoted and dealt with only the separatist Muslim leadership. Today Rashtriya Muslim leadership of the Muslims should only be accepted and promoted by the Muslims for the welfare of the whole society and country.

Milind Parande
Secretary General
Vishva Hindu Parishad.