Questions After Laden’s Death

After 10 years of cat and mouse game, America, finally managed to kill Laden, the world’s most dreaded terrorist. The authorities on terrorism are right in their assessment that this is not going to end all terrorism as we know it today. This can be an important step in this direction, but this is certainly not the final blow. The war on terror will remain unfinished as long as the ideology of Darul-Islam,which is the goal of jehad against humanity, remains intact. It was this ideology that had given birth to Osama. It is quite possible that after the death of Osama, many more Osamas may emerge adhering to this ideology. New Osamas may prove many times more dangerous than the dead Osama. The red alert having been notified all over the world after the death of Osama is proof enough of this danger that is lurking amidst us. Therefore, this is not the time for celebration, but that of taking a resolve to weed out the jehadi terrorism from its root. ‘This war is not against Islam’, this constant clarification can actually weaken the war against terror. Let the Islamic world decide if the war against terrorism is a war against Islam or not. This is not only a military war, it is also a war of ideology where it must be made clear that the heinous act of shedding innocent blood in the name of jehad will not be forgiven. Only when this fact is established beyond doubt, can humanity rest in peace.

It is a well-known fact that Osama was a product of America itself which was created to be used against Russia, he later proved to be a Frankenstein’s monster for them, as we all saw. This American policy of ‘running with the hare and hunting with the hounds’ can prove disastrous for all, even for a mighty nation like America. Terrorism is a two-edged sword which can kill its own creator. In India, the progenitors of terrorism in Punjab and LTTE, ultimately ended up being consumed by their own creation. Today, America is not taking the terrorism that has taken roots in Pakistan seriously, in fact, at times, it can even be seen encouraging it. Despite India’s constant reminders towards this fact, Americans have ended up mistakenly edifying India only. The denouement of this policy is front of the world now, America’s ally Pakistan only, had hidden Osama in its backyard. It has now been established that America has been immature in thinking that the terrorism emanating out of Pakistan will not harm it in any way. To rid the world of this scourge of bloody terrorism, today the whole world together with America will have to take a resolve to put an end to Islamic terrorism.

India’s home minister, P Chidambaram gave a hasty reaction immediately after the death of Laden, “It is now proved that Pakistan has become a den of terrorists.” This is already a well-known fact. But, who has made India the sanctuary of terrorists? Terrorists are not only being trained here but they are also getting protection. In this country, the custodians of terrorism are rewarded whereas the ones who raise a voice against it are hounded and punished. In this the role of the pseudo-secular brigade of the country must be taken note of, which leaves no stone unturned to favour the terrorists and malign the ones who raise a voice against it. Ishrat Jahan and her relationship with the terrorists are well-known, yet this pseudo-secular brigade is trying all the tricks in the book to prove that she was killed in a fake encounter. Has anything of this sort been asked by the citizens of America, has the encounter of Laden, a sick Laden, been questioned in America as a fake encounter? If an Indian had dared to kill Laden, leave alone being rewarded, he would have either landed in jail or tortured to such an extent that he would have committed suicide, very much the way things happened in Punjab or are happening in Kashmir. It is not only America but the whole world that has commended the killers of Laden and one can be sure that they will be rewarded in the future. The secular brigade of India should do some introspection as to why they always stand behind the terrorists in backing them. In their quest to being seen as the upholders of the muslim society, aren’t they taking them towards a certain hell? Why was the red alert notified in India after Laden’s death? Does the home minister think that the muslims of the country can give a negative reaction whereas the fact is that Laden had proclaimed India as its enemy? This question should be posed to Ram Vilas Paswan, who had procured a Laden-look-alike to campaign with him during the Bihar elections, certainly a very cheap political gimmick to garner muslim votes. Aren’t they again committing the same mistake today by equating the muslims with Laden, the same mistake that they had committed by equating the muslims of the country with Babar during the Raam Janmabhoomi movement?

Laden’s death has proved that these terrorists can be eliminated only in this way. How long will India protect the Kasabs and Afzal Gurus? Ater all, when will they summon enough courage like the Americans have in Pakistan, to finish off Dawood? Do they still expect that Pakistan will hand over these terrorists on a platter to India? How can Pakistan, which has been misleading its mentor, America, for so long, be expected to hand over India’s ‘wanted’ to it? We have had enough of handing over proofs. It is now high time, Pakistan is taught a lesson, only then will India be able to punish its guilty and bid farewell to terrorism in the country.