Rahul Gandhi-The new avatar of Jinna

Rahul is the new Jinnah and Congress the new edition of the Muslim League which is laying the foundation stone of another partition of the nation. In the Uttar Pradesh elections, the Congress first used every trick in the book to win the elections, now they are leaving no stone unturned to sacrifice the country to serve their self-interests. First they sowed the seeds of fundamentalism in the Muslims of the country by offering them the sop of reservations, and then they sowed the seeds of hatred in them by falsifying the Batla House encounters, which resulted in solidifying the hatred that the Muslims already harbour towards judiciary and the police in their eyes. Now they are inculcating the same hatred and feelings towards the Hindu organisations that the Muslim League had done under Jinnah. It seems they are raring to go into taking the final step of annihilating the Hindus, for the moment, it seems they are only waiting for the final orders of some Congressman, someone like Digvijay Singh could easily issue those orders anytime. It will be difficult to stop another partition of the country after that.
The kind of rhetoric that the Crown Prince of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, indulged in, while addressing the Editors of the Urdu newspapers on January 27, were of the same tone and tenor that Jinnah used to portray prior to 1947. What Rahul said that day, is exactly what Jinnah used to say about the Congress. Jinnah used to hold Congress responsible for all the ills of the Muslim society, now Rahul has leveled the same allegations on R.S.S. Both of them first tried to prove that the Muslim society was backward and then held the Hindu society responsible for their backwardness and thereafter sowed the seeds of hatred in the minds of the Muslims for the Hindus. Now, if Rahul and Jinnah’s logic are the same, then the results should also be the same. It was well-known that even Jinnah wanted to use this logic only to meet his political ends and therefore when India was partitioned he had said that this was not what he had intended. This is what Rahul and his sycophants will say later. But the hatred that these people have sowed in the minds of the Muslims will result in separatism, the same separatism that came about after Jinnah’s poison had percolated in them.