Religion-based reservation-Mother India sliced again to pave the way for Yuvaraj’s anointment

The present government first gave a boost to communal violence by the Communal Violence Bill. Thereafter, by introducing the unconstitutional and anti-national reservations for the minority in the 50% reserved category of the Lokpal Bill, left everyone completely astonished. Now, by making a 4.5% reservation for the minorities in the 27% quota reserved for the backward classes in jobs and educational institutions, the government has laid down the foundation for one more partition of the country. The judiciary in the country has time and again given the verdict that reservations on the basis of religion in unconstitutional. This is now being heard by the constitution bench of the Supreme Court . Now where was the need for the tearing hurry by the government in implementing the reservations when the SC is already seized of the matter? The answer is there for everyone to see. Five states of the country are going to the polls and Yuvraj has staked his reputation on the outcome of the polls in one of these, namely, Uttar Pradesh. If he fails in UP, then his enthronement to the royal throne could be in jeopardy. To win in UP, he needs muslim votes. To woo this community, he has made this unlawful move in a ‘will do anything’ mode, this was also deliberately done prior to the announcement of the elections in the state, thereby escaping the ‘model code of conduct.’ He knows quite well that the move will be struck down by the judiciary, however, by the time this comes about, he will have already benefitted out of the deceitful act. But, by then, the country will have lost a lot. To fulfil their selfish motives, the congress has made so many treacherous moves in the past, this will be another addition in the long list. India will remember December 22 as a black night, the day this executive order was passed.
By this order, not only has the government snatched the job opportunities of the backward community, they have also robbed them of the opportunities of admission to the educational institutions. The backward muslim communities, as enumerated by the Mandal Commission, are already enjoying about 3% reservations. But now this will go upto 7.5% owing to 4.5% reservations mooted by the congress party, this will severely dent the opportunities of the backward community in getting jobs and admissions to educational institutions. When the reservations meant for the backward community is not available to them in the minority institutions of the muslims, then how can the socalled muslim backwards claim reservations to the reservations meant purely for the backward community in all other institutions of the country? This kind of discrimination will make the backward community take to the streets.
It is very important that we get to know what the great people, whom the congress always quote , have to say on religion-based reservations. When the Britishers had announced the “communal Award’, Gandhiji had opposed it tooth and nail calling it a threat to the nation’s unity and integrity. When the Constitution Committee discussed religion-based reservations, Nehruji opposed it saying that this will lead the country to destruction. He was of the opinion that this could take the minorities away from the mainstream. The maker of the constitution , Dr Ambedkarhad termed this move as divisive. The advisory committee of the constitution, which apart from DR Abul Kalam Azad, also had Christian representatives, had with consensus opposed this anti-national move. Unfortunately, today, Sonia, who goes by the surname of Gandhi and the grand daughter-in-law of Nehru has taken this destructive step brushing aside the warnings of these great people.
With the Lokpal Bill, this government showed a lot of sensitivity to the parliament, however, when it came to religion-based reservations, it gave everything a go-by and implemented it through an executive fiat, showing scant respect to the same parliament. The Congress leaders have quoted the Rajinder Sachchar Committee in trying to justify the reservations. Today, this is well-known that this Rajinder Sachchar was in contact with the ISI agent Dr Fai. It was this Sachchar only who had recommended that there be carried a head-count in the army on the basis of religion, thanks to the strong opposition by the then army chief, this anti-national move was thwarted before it could be carried out. Now it is apparent, on whose directions this Sachchar was acting when he recommended reservations for the muslims on basis of backwardness. Now, it won’t be long before the demand for religion-based reservation in the judiciary and army gains ground and one can be sure that Sonia Gandhi will very willingly oblige them.
After the Communal Bill, this muslim reservations will definitely lead to a threat to the nation’s unity, integrity and sovereignty. No patriotic Indian will ever welcome such a move. The opinion calls carried out by all the newspapers are opposing this anti-national conspiratorial move. The government must wake up to the reality and take back both these anti-national moves or else they will have to pay a heavy price for it.