The infamous ISI agent, Ghulam Nabi Fai had owned up that some Congress leaders were on the pay-roll of the ISI. Digvijay Singh was always under the scanner for this, now the Home Minister, Shinde too stands exposed. It is only the ISI that has been accusing the RSS and BJP of fomenting terrorism. Now people like Shinde have proved that either they are mentally retarded or are nothing but the propagandists of the ISI.
A few arrests have become the basis of their raving and ranting against the BJP and RSS. However, it must be noted that despite all kinds of torture that have been inflicted on them, nothing has been proved against them. But, if Shinde bases his allegations on such trivialities, then by those same standards, the Congress is not very far from being adjudgeed a terrorist organisation bigger than the Al-Qaeda. The culprit of the 1993 Surat bomb blast, Mohammad Surti has been a Congress minister. The other five associates of this man were all leading stalwartss of the Congress party. Kalota, Gaffar, Sheikh Abdur Rehman, Farookh Mana, Haji Bilal, all Muslim leaders of the Congress were responsible for the deaths of the innocent Hindus in the Godhra carnage. If for Shinde, the reaction of the Godhra incident , is the real terrorist incident, then even here more than 25 leaders of the Congress stand indicted. And of course, there is no parallel to the killing of more than three thousand Sikhs in the 84 riots. Is there a need to mention the names of Rajiv Gandhi and other leaders of this great party who were a party to this terrorist act. The violence that was perpetrateed by the Congress leaders in the aftermath of the arrest of Indira Gandhi upon the lifting of the Emergency again has no parallel. One of the convicts of the aeroplane hijacking case, was later rewarded by getting him elected as a legislator. The accused in the murder of Swami Laxmananand, Radhakant Nayak is a Congress MP. If one were to turn over the pages of Indian story, there are incidents galore, where despite the mask, the terrorist character of the Congress party can be easily recongnised. If we were to base our allegations on the standars that Shinde has set, then Shinde, Sonia, and Rahul would spend the rest of their lives in prison.
It is actually the Congress party that is responsible for all kinds of terrorism that we are facing in India today. Don’t we all know, who created the Frankenstein in Bhindrawale in Punjab? Who handed over Kashmir on a platter to the terrorists in collusion with Sheikh Abdullah? Who brought Madani out of jail, the accused of the Coimbatore bomb blast? Who led the protest movements in and outside parliament, against the NDA decision of banning SIMI? Who collaborated with ULFA and terrorists to form the government in 2001 and 2004? Who had set up the facilities to train LTTE in India? Who is helping the Bangladeshi insurgency in India? Who is supporting the church-based terror in the North-east? There are so many such burning issues on which the country would love to get an answer from the Congress.

Mr Shinde, please be informed that if we were to create a list of the terrorist activities of the Congress, then the Congress party would easily leave all the terrorist organisations of the world behind. The impartial media of the nation would do a great favour if they could bring out this side of the Congress’ character to the fore.
As to the patriotism of the RSS, we do not need any kind of certificate from the likes of Shinde, Aiyar or Digvijay. Senior Congress leaders like Basant Apte have been close to the RSS in the past, even the likes of Mahatma Gandhi have appreciated the camps of the RSS. So, does Shinde and Diggi Raja want to put a question mark on even Gandhi and Apte? What do they think of Nehru who had actually invited the RSS to take part in the Republic Day celebrations? Only the nation’s enemy or a deranged can question the patriotism of the RSS. If Shinde is one these two, then he should not be allowed to hold the sensitive post of the Home Minister of the country. Sonia Gandhi should immediately remove Shinde from this important post or else the nation will think that she too backs Shinde’s views on the RSS and BJP.