Silent for seven days: Can this government avenge the death of the jawans?

They say there is nothing as silent as the sphinx, they wouldn’t say so if they had known the Indian Prime Minister, Man Mohan Singh. The cruel and dastardly killing of two jawans of the Indian Army by the Pakistan Army and the subsequent mutilation of their bodies was an insult to the whole nation. This barbaric act of the Pakistanis has left the nation stunned. Leaders of many nations came down heavily on this inhuman act. In India, the Air Force and Army Chief as also all the leaders came out strongly against this cruel act and challenged the Pakistanis while resolving to avenge the deaths. But, if there was one man, who was holding on his silence with a tenacity, that was the Prime Minister, Man Mohan Singh, whose primary responsibility is nothing else, but to protect the nation and its people. One of the martyr’s family has been on a fast unto death for the seven days. They are only demanding that their son’s beheaded head be brought back from Pakistan. The health of the martyr’s wife’s, who has been on a fast is now deteriorating. However, the Yuvraj, who can indulge in all kinds of theatrics for political gain, from taking food at poors’ homes and what not, has not been able to find time to visit this family who are in such a bad state of bereavement. The most powerful woman in this country, who has also featured in so many international magazines as one of the most influential women in the world, too seems to have completely forgotten her responsibility for expressing her views.

This sphinx-like silence of these stalwarts of Indian politics was evident not only in this case but has now become a feature of their political stance. The gang rape of ‘Damini’ was also a condemnable, national shame, but even in that case, these kings of silence woke only when the nation came to a boil. Has this triumvirate taken some sort of a decision that they will just not speak on any sensitive issue? Have all those issues, on which rests the national pride of this country, become non-issues for these three? Now, people have begun to think if all these people are interested in, is somehow holding on to the seats of power. They can go to any extent to save their thrones, even at the cost of dividing this country in the name of caste and religion. However, the sensitive issues that the country is reckoned with, like the rape of Damini or the beheading of Indian jawans, is something that the trio seem not to be concerned with at all. The nation’s pride as also that of its people and the army is just not safe in the hands of these people.

It is now high time, the citizens of the country come together to think about ways to teach these insensitive and irresponsible trio a lesson.