The Anna Miracle

The whole world stands mesmerised by Anna’s movement. Young and old, the educated and the illiterate, the urban and the villager, political-apolitical, all are coming forward to be a part of the movement. Not only in India, but even in foreign countries, the movement is raking in a lot of support. As the people are joining the movement in droves, the government seems to be headed for a break-down. The government that was calling Anna all kinds of names, from the mafia, blackmailer, corrupt, puppet in the hands of the sangha, American agent, dictator and god knows what and was trying to malign his name and put him behind bars, is today standing hands folded in front of him. The country has reached a tipping-point when it comes to people’s anger on corruption and corrupt leaders. The people are now protesting in front of their residences. There is a tremendous uproar against the corrupt establishment. They are out on the streets to give vent to their feelings which finds resonance only when all parliamentarians will come under the scanner.
To give the movement a bad name, it was first said that it was the handiwork of the sangha. The reason for this was the portrait of Bharat Mata on the dais. Anna kept giving clarifications on the issue. The accusers even tried to drive a wedge between the followers on this issue. One of the followers of Anna even mentioned the sangha in a casual manner. But the sangha, which is not drawn into petty controversies of this kind, given the serious nature of the organisation, chose not to even make a comment on the issue. Subsequently, it was said that America was behind the machinations. It is being funded by American money and it is also giving its support at the organisational level. To top it all, a gentleman, on whom the government has showered all its blessings, even suggested that one of the followers of Anna is a Naxalit-sympathiser and it seems Anna’s movement is being sponsored by the Leftists. Worse, some people are now even terming it as a movement that has the government’s blessings. They are of the view that once a consensus is reached on some of the issues, the important issues will then be given a go by.
All these people are only looking askance. The protests are taking place in all the cities and villages in India. Children who live in foreign countries, even they are participating in the movement in India. The educated people have taken leave from their offices to take part in the movement. Even the Dabbawallahs of Mumbai have gone one one-day strike. The peanut-sellers are selling their nuts and grams for free or below cost. Many NGOs are running langar of free food. People are flocking to Delhi from far-off places spending money on transportation. Despite the rains and people falling ill due to it, the protestors are not leaving their ground. The peasants of so many villages to have joined the protest. Even students did not attend their classes for a day, can all these people from different walks of life have been mercenaries? The kind of dedication that these people have shown can only be on the basis of resolve. This resolve is to free India of corruption and they are standing their ground in the Ram Lila Ground because they can go to any extent to carry this out. The protestors who had gathered in Mumbai and Delhi on the 21st of August were not hired mercenaries, nor were they lulled into it by someone. The earlier the political leaders of the country understand this, the better it will be for them.
Some unprecedented things have happened in this movement. A prisoner in a jail has refused to walk out unless his demands are met. Thousands of people were sitting outside the jail asking to be arrested and sent to jail threatening that they would not move out unless Anna was released. The government had to relent in front of the massive outrage. The Chief Secretary of Delhi then says that this is the first time that a protest movement of this magnitude has taken place without the loss of a single paisa. The protestors themselves swept the area in which they were standing terming the whole area as Mother India and taking upon the responsibility of keeping it clean. We will first clean the country of garbage and then of corruption. The common man can be seen waving the tricolour and wearing ‘Main Anna Hoon’ (I am Anna) T-shirts.
The movement has now become a people’s movement. Even if the movement was to be stopped mid-way, one thing is sure that the people of the country will not accept corruption any more. The people and their minds have been made up. If not today, then in the near future, corruption will see its end. The people who tried to malign Anna should try and do introspection, perhaps they were opposing Anna’s movement only to hide some sin committed in the past.