The Monster of Jehadi Terrorism: Getting out of hand

The blasts of July 13 in Mumbai by the Jehadis are not only one more proof of the worthlessness of the ruling dispensation, but also one more challenge to the nation. Whereas blasts in the country are occurring with increasing frequency and regularity, the government seems to be more concerned about protecting the terrorists than prosecuting them. India has now become a favourite hunting-ground for the Jehadis. The ruling dispensation at the centre has not been able to garner enough courage to hang Afzal and Kasab. Traitor organisations like SIMI under the protection of the pseudo-secularists are operating within the country under various nomenclatures. Madrasas, which offer Jehadi training, are now being glorified. The Jehadi mentality is being nurtured for creating a vote-bank. The enemies of the country are being honoured and then eulogised as role-models for the muslim community. Patriotic Hindu organisations are being harassed to the hilt. Fictional stories of saffron terrorism are being floated, whereas the terrorists whose crime has been proven by international agencies are being protected. Patriotic Hindus are being framed. The terrorists responsible for the Jehadi attacks on the Hindus are being protected whereas new laws are being formulated to hound the Hindus, who are at the receiving end of Jehadi terrorism. It is now high time that we finally decide on whose shoulders we must put the blame of the blasts of 13 July where 25 people were killed and another 200 injured, on the terrorists or the government that has committed the sins mentioned above.

After every such act of terrorism, the government tells us that it is a dastardly act carried out by Pakistan. If these acts have been committed by Pakistan, then it is not Pakistan that is cowardly but the Indian government. The one that beats you regularly is never a coward, however, the one that regularly gets beaten up and yet keeps banging on the door of the perpetrator for talks and negotiations, is the one who is a coward and the Indian government at the centre is a very good example of this. The problem does not lie with the security forces or our intelligence agencies. They have proved their worth several times in the past. However, now they are asked to fight with their hands tied to the back and also end up taking the flak for when they take action against the terrorists. When the powers that be can politicise the sacrifice of Karkare and Sharma, then what can we expect from the already demoralised forces of the country? Our society has time and again risen up to the challenge of terrorism. Unfortunately, this cowardly government’s acts seem to have painted the whole country as one big coward, all for a few votes of the minorities.