Wake up call for India: Dangers of Dragon(Part-1)

On the 22nd November in Delhi, India’s foreign secretary, Mr Ranjan Mathai, while warning India about the threats posed from China, talked of how complex it was to improve relations with China. Speaking at the National Defence College, outlining the challenges posed by China, he very clearly stated that it has become very complex for India to make its foreign, defense, financial and strategic policies with china, while at the same time upholding its national interests. The growing defense and financial ties between China and Pakistan is a matter of concern for the Indian state. The joint military exercise by both the countries in November, the nuclear weapons and missiles being installed in Pakistan with Chinese help, new nuclear installations being established, the relations of both countries with the terrorists operating in India and new trading relations being established between the countries, is a matter of concern for India. The objections raised by China to India’s benign commercial relations with Vietnam and its efforts to establish its monopoly in the South China Sea points towards its claustrophobic mentality. To go back on its commitments after signing the UN pact of 1982 and regularly attacking India’s ships goes far to prove its imperialistic mentality and India must rise up to face this challenge. On 16 November, 2011, Indian Defence Advisor, while submitting the report on the dangers from China, had warned that China’s continuous meddling in India’s financial matters for the last so many years has now become a real danger for the country’s financial and defence sectors. On 25 November, 2011, the Army General in Bhiwani, Haryana, while accepting the threat from China, talked about India’s complete preparedness in facing the challenges thrown by China. Not only the above-mentioned people of importance, but many other politicians, analysts and thinkers have been warning about the dangers posed by China. But, it seems that the defence of the country ranks nowhere in the priorities of the central government, it is their own selfish motives that govern their priorities and it seems they won’t think twice before sacrificing the nation’s interests.
The dangers from China is nothing new for India, right from the day, the Communist government of Mao was formed in China, the world has been witness to the imperialistic designs of this country. Perhaps, this is at the heart of all communist governments. Immediately after they annexed Tibet and once India accepted the annexation partially, they reciprocated by claiming sovereignty over another 90 000 sq kms of Indian Territory. By the time, the erstwhile Prime Minister of the country, Nehru woke from his Panchsheel-induced slumber, China had made good with a lot of Indian Territory in the 1962 war. Despite the cessation of war, China still stakes claim to the occupied territories. Now, it follows the policy of ‘Win the war without fighting the war’, in the last 30 years, they have not fired a single shot. Despite this, it makes regular forays into Indian Territory and has been occupying Indian land. China and its different agencies have always been showing the disputed 90 000 sq kms of occupied territory as their own. It had always been laying its claim to Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh, now it is not even shy of calling Uttarakhand its own. The Chinese army has managed to sneak into the Hoti Garh of Joshi Math silently. Now, it is moving ahead slowly but steadily without making any noises. When we raise a hell, then they quietly take a step back, but the fact of the matter is that they have already taken four steps ahead. Things have come to such a pass that even the map carried by a Chinese company working in Gujarat shows many parts of India as China’s. When this was pointed out to the Chinese by an Indian journalist, the Chinese Ambassador had the temerity to order him to shut up. With the regular forays into India, China is now sizing India up from all four sides. Its economic and defence relations with Pakistan is known to all. But now it is treading on dangerous territory. Pakistan has virtually surrendered POK to China. There are more than 12000 Chinese soldiers posted in POK. China has installed missiles which can reach targets of 3000 kms and more in POK. New defence air installations are being constructed and radars are being mounted on them. After a lot of noise was made by India, the Chinese brought out a white paper stating that it was carrying out these exercises in self-defence. However, no one asked it who was posing this danger to it. It writes that it wants to carry out regional development with the help of neighbouring countries, but the reality is just the opposite. Not only is it occupying the neighbouring countries, it is also surrounding India from all sides with the help of these countries. In Nepal, with the help of the Maoists, it has been successful in perpetrating anti-India feelings. It carries out anti-India operations openly in Nepal. In Myanmar, the dragon has completely ensnared the cities of Mandle and Rangoon where the Chinese can be seen in large numbers. The Chinese army officers openly train the terrorists there to operate in India. It keeps arm-twisting Thailand. The South China Sea is witness to its domineering influence. Despite the 1982 treaty, it still lays its claim to it. It has made its military bases at so many places. But when it comes to its territory, it does not allow any economic activity by any outsider, in the name of sovereignty, it silences them into submission. Minerals like Polymetallic Sulphide abound in the Southern China and that is what the dragon wants to monopolise, not only this, by encircling the area, it also wants to bring India to submission. It has already constructed its bases on islands like Cocos and Hamdoda . Barring India’s central government, everyone in the world is aware of its presence in Sri Lanka. The way it has been threatening India over its bilateral relation between India and Vietnam is really astonishing. In all, it seems that it wants to control all of South Asia. Even a country of the size and stature of India cannot remain outside its design, it seems.
The Control of the terrorist organisations of India by China: To control and terrorise the Indian government, the Chinese are not only organising the terrorist organisations operating In India but also arming and training them. The ISI is an old partner in crime of the Chinese in this. It is well-known to the world how the ISI and China have been hand in gloves in the training of NSCN, National Liberation Front of Bodoland, UNLF (Manipur), PLA, PLF and the Maoists. Not only are the two countries providing financial support to these outlawed organisations, they have also been providing military support to them. The Jehadi organisations too, are a part of their plan. The terrorist organisations operating in Myanmar are being run by the army officials of China. The Nagaland terrorist organisations have been getting their arms supply from China only. The top officials of Noronko, the largest manufacturer of weapons in China, regularly keep meeting the operatives of these Naga organisations. Earlier, these activities were being carried out covertly, now China does it openly. The terrorist organisations run by the churches and the Maoists were already a part of these nefarious activities. All these together are now posing an unprecedented threat for the internal security of the country.
Indian Economy under Chinese Control: China has been making inroads into the Indian economy for the past many years. It has been exporting cheap and low quality goods into the Indian market. Ever since China decided to relinquish the Communist model, it has been trying to become an economic world power. It has managed to transform the problem of population into that of a potential. Cheap labour, subsidy and because of other government facilities, its industries are climbing to the top, not only this, the capitalists of the other countries too, are making a bee-line to invest in China. But, even the vast market of China is not enough to subsume the great quantities of products that roll out of its factories; however, it has very conveniently found the large and unregulated market that India offers, to dump its products. It is now openly flooding the Indian market with its low-quality goods. This unbridled dumping of goods into even the sensitive sectors of the country has brought not only India’s financial sector but also its security to peril. Leaders, corrupt to the core, are busy pocketing the loot and it seems they have no interest in protecting India from the Chinese dragon. Some 26% of India’s industrial output is dependent on imports from China. In the next five years, this dependence can go upto 75%. China’s total domination in many other sectors has now become a security threat for the India.
In the 11th and 12th Five Year Plan, in the power sector, 1/3rd of all the turbines will be imported from China. Many of these projects are located in sensitive areas and it won’t be advisable for India to send foreigners into these territories. In terms of power equipments, China has become a threat to India. The CFLs used in India are Chinese imports to the extent of 62%. Information technology and telecommunications is one field where we import some 50% of our materials, of this, China accounts for 62% of the imports. There are estimates that this has now reached 80%. So does it not indicate that India’s security is under threat? The threat of cyber security is all the more there considering that China’s record in this is already poor. Because of their total dominance in this sector, China can easily access the information from any department of the country and also post any kind of misleading information on the portals of any sensitive sector.
In the sector of pharma, the dependence of India on China is increasing. We are importing medicines worth some Rs 2500 crore from China every year. India’s cycle industry has today become handicapped. In Ludhiana alone, all the spare parts are being imported from China. The toy and sanitary industry along with the power industry is already in the clutches of China, while the Indian government is hibernating. The cost of production in China is some 40% less than that of India, no doubt, the Indian industry is finding it difficult to stand up to the Chinese competition.
Now, the central government has taken a decision to obtain foreign loan in the Chinese currency, Yuan. After this, there will be a flood of imports. The importers will take loans from the banks in Yuan. Many Chinese banks have already opened their branches in India. It seems that the finance ministry is at loggerheads with the foreign and defence ministry. China is already taking advantages of this and it will exploit India in a way that even the Britishers could not do. India’s economy that is taking a joy ride on the Chinese dragon may not survive. Wiki leaks has published the Chinese deputy Prime Minister’s acceptance in this regard. (continued…)