Who cares for the poor as they are not a vote bank

Election season is making the secular parties of the country indulge in all kinds of cheap gimmicks in order to entice the Muslims. With elections round the corner, a 4.5% quota for the Muslims out of the existing 27% quota for the backward castes was announced. As if this was not enough, while someone is busy demanding a constitutional amendment for the same, another is promising to increase it to 9%. To make matters worse, there are those who are looking to add a communal colour to the India visit of Salman Rushdie. In this din, an organisation called, ‘Hungama’ posted the results of its survey on malnutrition, however this did not elicit any ‘hungama’ (commotion) in the country. While laying down the report, the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, only ritually mentioned the situation as shameful and unacceptable. Now who does this man want to be ashamed, this man who has been the PM of the country for the past seven years, who has also been the finance minister, finance secretary, not to mention, the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, and has also the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India? For the past seven years, this man has been waylaying the country with false reports of progress. But whenever someone has tried to bring to the fore the real face of India, his own gang of conspirators have taken him to task. This gentleman once lost his night’s sleep after an Australian Muslim was caught on the allegation of being a terrorist, on other occasions, he conjures false reports of Muslim backwardness to justify reservations for them which are totally anti-national and unconstitutional. It is this man, who also had the temerity to bring the Communal Bill after planting false stories of atrocities on the Muslim community, a community, which is itself the fountain-head of all communal riots. It was in his regime only that a term called ‘saffron terrorism’ was coined to defame the patriotic Hindu community. By making public this report on Muslim reservations, the Prime Minister has only shed crocodile tears on the poor of the country. The poor don’t have a religion, or a caste. Add to this the fact that the man who sleeps on empty stomach can’t even organise himself. Therefore, he can never become a vote-bank. It is perhaps because of this reason that the ones who exploit his name for the sake of votes is not interested in his progress, nor does he ever make it an issue. The progress of the poor needs to become a cause of worry for everyone. To identify a community and then spend all your resources on that particular community in the name of poverty alleviation is a really cruel joke on the poor of the country. The report that has been brought out by ‘Hungama’ sounds a dangerous bell for the future of the country. Some 16 crore children who are the future of this country have been found to be malnourished in 112 districts of the country. Of all the malnourished children in the world, every third malnourished child is an Indian. Some 42% of all the children who are less than 5 years old are weak, whereas some 52% of the children are below the requisite height in terms of their age. We are worse than the poor sub-Saharan Africa when it comes to malnutrition of our kids, it is two times more than them. Some 66% of the mothers are illiterate. 49% of their children are weak and some 66% of them are below the requisite height in terms of their age. Even in this survey, they have committed a mischief, even here they have tried to prove that the condition of the Muslim in terms of malnourishment is worse than their Hindu counterparts. Now, will they introduce reservations for the Muslims in the schemes meant to alleviate this situation, if they decide to this, then there is no doubt that even these schemes will become a sacrificial lamb on the altar of Muslim appeasement.