Will Manmohan also crush the anti-corruption crusaders, a la Gaddafi?

India has become an asylum for terrorists and the corrupt. Here, the ruling dispensation provides asylum to the corrupt, terrorists, enemies of India, separatists and also the ones who insult the tricolour. On the other hand, the anti-corruption crusaders, the ones who raise the slogans of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’, the people who raise their voices against terrorism and offer respect to the tricolour are hounded and their voices suppressed. This cruelty of suppression was evident on the midnight of 4th June, when the government cracked down on the peaceful demonstrators who had gathered at the Ram Lila Maidan to support Baba Ramdev’s fast against corruption. This act of barbaric suppression of the human rights of the citizens of the country does not only remind us of the dark days of the Emergency but also takes us back to the harrowing days of the British rule when thousands of people were killed at the Jallianwala Bagh by Dyer-they were also just peacefully protesting against the draconian laws of the Britishers.

The common man in the country cannot take this corruption any more. So many, social and religious leaders have spoken against it. The world today recognises India as one of the most corrupt countries of the world. India’s judiciary has commented on this issue several times. It even went to the extent of commenting that this government has made India a hell. Whenever the judiciary or the social activists tried to raise a voice against corruption, the central government only humiliated them. First, they humiliated Anna Hazare, subsequently, they played a fraud on him. Later they tried to thwart Baba Ramdev’s agitation and also unsuccessfully tried to malign his image. Despite their suppression, Baba’s support among the masses has only increased. Taking a cue from the evil Shakuni of Mahabharat, the government is now using all kinds of treachery against the agitationists. Some from the ruling dispensation kept blabbering while a few inconsequential leaders of the Congress party went about making personal and petty remarks. But, this did not deter the Baba. To compel the government for a final decision on the issue, he took the path followed by Gandhiji, that of fasting till the demands were met. The government tried to stop him. Even four ministers from the government went to the airport to receive him. Everyone said that the betrayal would be as big as the leaders. Lakhs of people came out in open support of the Baba. Fasts were organised at many places in the country. The colossal support that the Baba got, unnerved the corrupt ministers of the government. No one believed in the assurances given by the corrupt government. There was nothing wrong in demanding a written assurance from the government that action would be taken against the corrupt. But the government could have fallen into a trap by doing this. Therefore, the government tried to betray the Baba by making the contents of the agreement public and maligning him in the process. They forgot that they have absolutely no credibility among the masses. When they saw that their conspiracy had failed, they decided to indulge in the kind of barbarism, which will forever in times to come, remain a blot on humanity. Not only did they beat up the sleeping and hungry, they also used tear-gas and water-cannons on them. Innocent people were mercilessly beaten up. Women were also not spared. The pandal where the Baba was sleeping was set on fire. Inhuman acts of barbarism of this level have not been perpetrated on the people of this country since the times of Ayodhya. That government had to fall after the incident, this government too, will have to go.

The agitationists, carrying the tricolour in their hands kept chanting, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’. Baba Ramdev, who was chanting, ‘Vande Matram’, has been asked not to enter Delhi, he was forcibly packed out of Delhi. This is the same Delhi where patriotic citizens chanting, ‘Bharat Mata ji Jay’ are lathi-charged whereas separatists openly making anti-India statements go scot-free. The police then had provided protection to the separatists. Till today, no action has been taken against the separatists despite the judiciary ordering to the same. It seems that the government does not have anything against the separatists and the corrupt, albeit, it works as the supporters of the corrupt and the separatists. All the dictatorial regimes of the middle-east are falling one-by-one despite the torture inflicted by them on their own citizens, the Indian regime must learn a lesson from these developments.