Yakum Memon’s hanging throws up many moot questions

Finally, the hanging of Yakub Memon, the dangerous terrorist involved in the Bombay bomb blasts has been carried out. Both the central government and the state government of Maharashtra need to be commended for carrying out this highly sensitive operation in a manner that did not disturb the peace and harmony of the country.
Not only the two governments but also the muslim community needs to be praised for the way they did not let emotions over-ride their sense of judgement and helped in keeping the communal tension under control.
For some time now, the troika of Owaisi, Ajami and Ajam khan has been trying to disturb the communal harmony in the country and create a situation where communal riots can take place. The sympathizers of terrorists in the country, the band of 40, had been trying to create an atmosphere where the country could somehow witness a new round of communal violence. On the mid-night of 29-30 July, these people knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court only to fan the fires of communal disharmony. They were trying to send the country into a tizzy of communal disharmony.The failure of their well-orchestrated moves could very well be seen on their faces.The nation finally heaved a sigh of relief but the spark ignited by these people is still there waiting to consume one and all, it has not yet been doused. Some day or the other in the future, this fireball will consume the peace and tranquility of the country.
The neo-Jinnahs and the secular gang of the country are eagerly waiting for the day when the fireball erupts into a full-fledged communal flare.They will then get one more opportunity to malign the central government, the judiciary and the Hindu organisations.
The separatist policies of Islam are the bedrock from where they derive their ideologies, but everyone now understands the hateful propaganda of the Jinnah’s neo-ideology.They are now fighting a lost battle, but who are the inspirational forces behind these people? Are they doing this only to project themselves as a progressive gang? RAW has been time and again saying the some lawyers, journalists, and some so-called human rights activists are on the pay-roll of the ISI. They will have to explain why these people have not been raising their voices about the plight of the Kashmiri Hindus, the Bangladeshi Hindus and the Pakistani Hindus.
In the case of Yakub Memon, we came across a very interesting facet for the first time. Generally, the secular brigade provides ideological basis to the separatism of the Islamists. But in this case, they were only repeating the arguments put forward by the Azamis and the Owaisis and that too in a very crude manner. This shows the intellectual bankruptcy of these people.
It has been said the Mumbai bomb blasts took place in retaliation to the communal riots which took place in response to the Babri Masjid demolitions and therefore the perpetrators of these two should be punished first and Yakub only later. But why do these people time and again forget that the Mumbai riots were initiated by the muslims only and only then did the Hindus come out on the streets in an effort to save themselves, and when they did come out, the tide tunred on the muslims.The muslims are of the belief that in riots initiated by them, it is ok as long as the Hindus take the beating, but if the tide turns against them, as has been happening in recent situations, then why blame the Hindus for that?
That the Babri masjid demolition is the root cause of all riots in India, this argument does not hold any ground now.The High Court has established that the Raam temple in Ayodhya had been demolished by a foreign invader called Babar. So now, any muslim who cries for the sake of the Babri masjid can only be a sympathiser of Babar and not a true son of India.
The genocide of kashmiri Pandits that started in 1985, who was responsible for it, one lakh riots that have taken place prior to 1992, who was responsible for these? The genocide in the name of Direct Action in 1947, who is responsible for the same, if the Hindus start accounting for the merciless acts of Babar, Aurangzeb, Ghazni and Ghori and all the post-independence riots, then who will be accountable for it?
A strange argument has put forward that Yakub Memon has been hanged because he was a muslim. Of all the people hanged in post independent India, the percentage of muslims is not even 10 per cent. The death penalty is awarded on the basis of crime and not religion.Perhaps these people are of the view that muslims should not be hanged even if the law says so, another strange argument is that leniency should have been shown in his favour as he had surrendered voluntarily.This case had been going on in various courts for the last 22 years, so don’t they believe in any court of the land, so according to them anyone can commit any dastardly act, any heinous crime but he should be let off if he is muslim and surrenders voluntarily.Moreover the reference to the article by a former officer on the subject has now been found not to exist, no such article was ever written.
Digvijay Singh, a die-hard supporter of the jehadis has stated that the kind of haste that was shown in disposing off this case was not shown in any other case. In fact, it is the other way round, the secularist gang actually showed the kind of haste that has not been shown in any other case by knocking on the doors of the SC to save Memon. This was unprecedented. One has never heard of sitting in a dharna on the doors of the Chief Justice of India at 12 in the night. The number of opportunities that were given to the accused after the verdict of the TADA court are innumerable, the appeals made to the President, Governor, the Supreme Court , was unprecedented and yet they think the case has been disposed off in a haste. Has anyone ever heard of a bench of the SC sitting at 3 in the night to hear a case, this is unprecedented, yet the secular brigade will ask for more.
They will stop at nothing short of getting Yakub declared innocent and set free, the man responsible for 270 deaths, only then will the judiciary for them be called impartial. Abu Azmi is himself an original suspect in the Mumbai Bomb blasts, the Bombay High Court set him free on account of lack of evidence. But the secular brigade will never discuss this fact. They have in fact come out with a strange argument that the real culprit was let go off and an innocent has had to face the gallows, this means that they know something about the real culprit and this is being concealed, so this must now be brought to light of the judiciary and fresh charges initiated against Abu Azmi on the basis of this. There is no end to the shamelessness of the jehadis and the secular gang. This Frankenstein’s monster will first consume the Kafir and then gobble its own. There is no end