Dharma Sansad 1

First Dharma Sansad :

It was convened in Vigyan Bhavan New Delhi on 7-8 April 1984. The inaugural function was presided over by Brahmalin Jyotish Peethadhishwar Jagadguru Shankaracharya Pujya Swami Shantanand Maharaj. The key-note address was delivered by Brahmalin Sant Pujya Swami Chinmayanand Maharaj, Sandeepani Sadhanalaya Mumbai in this session. A total of 558 Dharmacharyas and Dharmagurus belonging to 76 Panths of Hindu Dharma participated in this Dharma Sansad session.

Note-worthy Activities:

Following 12-Points were decided upon with a view to making Hindu society strong, faith-propelled and Dharma-oriented; as also to smooth conduction of individual, familial and social life. Saints, Mahatmas, and Dharmacharyas were called upon to ensure the propagation of these 12 points in every part of the country and every level of society:

  1. To prescribe the Dharmic guidelines for the growth of integration amid Hindu society from the perspective of the modern era.
  2. To prescribe guidelines for the eradication of social evils like corruption, untouchability, and dowry for creation of a healthy society.
  3. To dispel illusions about sublime traditions created by Dharma, Sanskriti, Language, and great personalities and rekindle deeper faith in them.
  4. To create proper conditions through bringing out useful literature by creating an indispensable place for Dharmic education in the entire system of education and to establish the Sanskrit language as the national language by developing it as a language of our regular day to day use.
  5. To give an experience of equality and integrity to our neglected and backward brethren by awakening a sense of dignity of labour in the society.
  6. To implement the Dattak (adoption) system for resolving the problems of the people in the scarcity-prone areas by establishing very wide, live contacts with those regions.
  7. To develop the Tirthas, Mutt-Mandirs, and Puja-Sthals of various Sampradayas as the most powerful center of Sanskars and rejuvenate the ancient ones.
  8. To prescribe guidelines for the observance of the cultural inheritance behind every Hindu Parva in the modern context.
  9. To reinforce the faith towards the Hindu values of life that are on the wane among the foreign-based Hindus for want of living contacts with them.
  10. To prescribe guidelines for welcoming those of our brethren, who have got converted to alien faiths due to some reason, if they are willing to return to Hindu Dharma; and assimilating them in Hindu society.
  11. To prescribe guidelines for providing proper solutions to the assaults that are taking place on Hindu society and its articles of honour anywhere in the world by awakening an awareness amid them.
  12. To foil by every means the conspiratorial attempts of by the adherents of alien faiths to reduce the Hindu population and by forcing the administration to have a commitment to the Hindu interests.


Resolutions Passed:

Six resolutions were passed on the following topics :

  1. The Enemy Properties A passed by Bangladesh Govt. with a view to swallow Hindu properties must be opposed.
  2. Efforts should be made to assuage the feelings of instability and insecurity generated in the public psyche due to massacres etc. by the terrorists and extremists in Punjab.
  3. Efforts should also be made to adopt the regions of illiterate, weaker sections and poor Vanavasis and Girijans for their total development.
  4. Propagation of a 12-point Code of Conduct should be undertaken for removing the dangerous, evil practices of Hindu society and for once again enthroning the down-sliding Hindu society on the path of Dharma.
  5. Twelve-point Code of Conduct should be made available to the aspirants who wish to enter politics. (12th point in the Code of Conduct)
  6. Shriram Janmabhumi, Kashi Vishwanath and Shrikrishna Janmasthan be returned to Hindus.

Significant Achievement:

  • Public awareness about Shriram Janmabhumi was created through the medium of Shriram-Janaki Rath Yatras.