Fairs, Festivals And Yatras

The man is a social animal. He does not like to sit idle or live alone. He even wants to share his personal feelings of joy and sorrow with others. That is why he is fond of Festivals and Yatras as these are the main source of collectivization. The celebration has become the part and parcel of human life for long.

In India celebration of fairs and festivals has become like a ritual. They are being celebrated separately according to one’s faith, religion, and custom. The festivity has special. significance in Hindu society as they are considered to be the real source., of imparting sanskara on the society. They are the reflectors of the memories of our great culture and civilization. In a Hindu house, every day is a festival day.

Seeing the importance of Fairs, Festivals and Yatras, the V.H.P. started managing various Fairs, Festivals and Yatras to create the feeling of oneness and unity amongst various communities of Hindu society.

Fairs – Ganga Sagar Mela is one of the various fairs where lakhs and lakhs of pilgrims from distant places of India come to take part. V.H.P. makes elaborate arrangements for the distribution of free Prasad, Medicines, and Shelter every year to the pilgrims.

Festivals – Ganesh Immersion ceremony at Hyderabad where more than a thousand Ganesh statues are taken out in processions has been started under the patronage of V.H.P. Similarly Ganesh Utsav in Maharastra and Karnataka is being celebrated by V.FIP. workers where all communities have been involved irrespective of their castes.

Ram Navami procession in Delhi and several towns of U.P., Shri Krishna Janmashtami procession in U.P., Assam, and Manipur are prominent ones taken out and camps are set up at many places by the V.H.P.

Yatras – Kanvar Yatras are taken out in North India where millions of pilgrims took part. The V.H.P. has formed a separate organization named Dharma Yatra Mahasangh to look after the needs of pilgrims for whom camps are set in U.P., Bihar, and Delhi. Similarly, during Sabari Malai Yatra in Kerala, several thousand food packets are distributed among the pilgrims. In the Yatra of Pandarpur in Maharashtra also our workers play an important role in serving the pilgrims. Due to their activities, a social touch is also given along with religious fervor.

The Mahasangh has recently performed the dugdh-abhishek of Sri Ganga Ji (the ceremony of pouring milk into the Ganga so as to bathe the Mother River) on the Ganga Dushehra day.

Millions of Hindus reach Rameshwaram -one of the most sacred places where Shri Ram worshipped Lord Shiva. After the Government of Tamil Nadu constructed the bridge, it has become easier for the pilgrims to go to the Temple.

V.H.P. has, therefore, started building a big Dharamshala with the medical center for the help of pilgrims in the name of “Gosai Mutt Trust”.