Sadhwi Shakti Parishad

The Bharatiya culture believes that the whole universe is created out of Purush and Prakriti. According to the Sankhya philosophy, Purush is Paramatma (supreme being) and Prakriti is Adya Shakti Nari (Primaeval Power or energy, woman). Ishwar (the controller) is the creator of the universe and Nari in the form of Prakriti is the primary basis of the universe.

Thus the Nari (woman) is considered to be the Purnatva (perfection), the primaeval basis of the creation and the almighty power/energy. ln the course of time, her significance and importance were under-evaluated and she has reduced to merely a house-wife or just a mother.

On attaining freedom, when the educated womenfolk desired liberation from this predicament, she was unfortunately linked with the so-called women’s liberation movement, which has created many fissures in the Bharatiya families. It has made the Bharatiya Nari as a mere the copy-kitten of the third rate western civilisational features.

The social segment, that has kept alive the cultural inheritance alive even to this date is mainly our sisters and mothers only. It is essential to once again kindle the real meaning and import of our eternal Dharma among them.

This capability is there in amplitude among the Sants, especially the Sadhwis to authoritatively convince our sisters-mothers the fallacy of these ideologies and drive home the ancient truths, principles, tenets, maxims etc. devised by our Rishi-Munis of the hoary past. Keeping this in view, a “Sadhwi Shakti Parishad” was formed for creating a sense of social unity, equality, concordance and mutual progress to achieve both the material welfare and spiritual well-being in the social life.

The Sadhwi Parishad has well-defined goals and aims before it and equally well-prescribed plans and programmes to achieve these goals. It has created its own independent identity gained through various activities.

A number of activities have been undertaken by the Sadhwi Shakti Parishad like conducting Yuwa Sadhwi Chintan Varga, Sadhwi Shakti Parishad, forming a constitutional trust of the Sadhwi Parishad etc. so far. The Sadhwi Parishad was at the forefront in paying tributes to the soldiers, who had laid down their lives while protecting the country against the Pakistani attacks in Kargil. Besides, it has actively participated in all the programmes decided by the VHP on all Bharat basis. The Sadhwi Shakti Parishad has been striving to bring all the women saints i.e. the travellers of spiritual paths on one platform for the spiritual well-being and material welfare of the society.

Sadhwi Shakti Parishad- Vision

Important Guidelines

  • To establish cordial coordination among various Panth-Sampradayas for the unity and integrity of the Bharat Varsh.
  • To allot one Vanavasi district each to 200 Sadhwis to be adopted by them as per their convenience for making these districts self-sufficient and self-reliant by imparting education, health information and vocational training to the Vanavasis.
  • To affirm faith towards Bharatiya culture and spiritual traditions by imparting good Sanskars through their Pravachans
  • To adopt Vanavasi boys-girls for taking care of their education, health, character building, food, clothing etc.
  • To rehabilitate the destitute, neglected, poor women by arranging their re-marriages, providing them shelter and to make them self-reliant.
  • To arrange every requirement of the Ashram-Vihin Sadhwis and those coming in search of knowledge and for doing Sadhana.
  • To inspire the rural and urban people for Dharmic Anushthanas through the members of Sadhwi Shakti Parishad and arrange for the dissemination of all information about these programmes to all.
  • To arrange discussions, cogitations and pondering over social and religious problems and conveying their results to the society.
  • To impart training to aspiring women for the Satsangh and worship of gods. To propagate the Dharma among Vanavasis, Girijans, Harijans etc.
  • To make efforts to implement the curriculum that emphasizes building character among the students.
  • To oppose vehemently the social evils like child-marriage, Devadasi system, human trafficking, selling the girls and exploitation of Sadhwis.
  • To establish Sadhwi Shakti Ashramas in the country.

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Brief Description of Works done

First Sadhwi Sammelan was held in the Ashram of Yug Purush Paramanand at Tirthraj Prayag Sangam on 3 February 1995.
Second Sadhwi Sammelan was arranged in the Bajarang Dal premises in Magh Mela Kshetra at Prayag on 18 January 1996.
Sadhwi Shakti Parishad
Sadhwi Shakti Parishad was formed on the occasion of Third Sadhwi Sammelan held at Kankhal, (Haridwar) and presided over by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Santoshi Mata. Acharya Giriraj Kishor, Secretary-General of the VHP was also present on the occasion.
Fourth Sadhwi Shakti Parishad was held again in the Ashram of Pujya Santoshi Mata on the occasion of Maha Kumbh on 10-11 April 1998. It was attended by four Mahamandaleshwar Sadhwis and the then Minister of the Central Govt. Sadhwi Uma Bharati. The then Working President of the VHP Shri. Ashok Singhal attended the Sammelan and inspired Sadhwis to do Rashtra Chintan.
A Yuwa Sadhwi Chintan Varga was held at Swami Narayan Ashram, Hari Dham, Sokhada (Vadodara) on 24-28 October 1998.
Sadhwi Shakti Parishad became a legally registered Trust. Its first meeting was held in Laxminarayan Mandir, Janakpuri, New Delhi on 7-8 April 1999.
The Chairperson of Sadhwi Shakti Parishad Pujya Santoshi Mata undertook a tour of a Vanavasi District named Kalahandi and took over the responsibility of a debilitated old girls’ residential school by adopting it for its maintenance and upgrading.
Geeta Jnan Yajna
Geeta Jnan Yajna was performed at Hissar and Delhi to pay tributes to the martyrs of Kargil war and encourage others to hold similar programmes.
National Security Fund
Sadhwis raised a fund of Rs.1,60,000/- and sent the same to the National Security Fund thereby inspiring others to follow the suit.
Mahila Sammelans were arranged at various places on the occasion of Jwala Jyoti brought at Red Fort Grounds Delhi during February 2002 with a view of public awakening.
Sahasra Chandi Maha Yajna
A Sahasra Chandi Maha Yajna was performed at Red Fort Grounds Delhi from 10 to 19 February 2000 for the security of the nation and social welfare.
Ganga- Yamuna
Yamuna Pujan was performed for sending a clear message to the people for making Ganga- Yamuna pollution-free
Thousands of Sadhwis have approached the Sadhwi Shakti Parishad requesting it to make them its members.
Matru-Anchal Sanskar Kendra
Girls between 4 and 12 years only are admitted to Matru Anchal Sanskar Kendra conducted by Sadhwi Shakti Parishad at Haridwar. At present, there are in all 70 healthy and destitute girls of leper patients brought from the provinces like Orissa, Bihar, Bengal, Punjab, Hariyana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal etc. by the social activists, police, Ganga Samiti etc. Efforts are afoot to make these girls self-sufficient by imparting them education, health consciousness and Sanskars totally free of cost.

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