A Public Movement : HinduSthan Against Terror

Governments Must STOP Supporting Jihadi Terror’s Local Supporters!

A Public Movement: HinduSthan Against Terror E-7 Formula to TRULY Counter Terror

Press Note – Dr. Pravin Togadia Dr. Pravin Togadia, International Working President, VHP.

Godhra, February 27, 2012, Through dramas like NIA & NCTC, Union Govt has been trying to fool HinduSthan that with such one-sided efforts created to jail Hindus; they would be able to make HinduSthan Terror Free. Neither central nor state govts are taking any firm & concrete steps to truly finish Jihadi Terror that the most dangerous to the world & also to HinduSthan. The moment UPA came to power, they repealed POTA that was somewhat able to punish Jihadi terrorists. While repealing it, UPA gave a lame excuse that POTA was being misused by states against Muslims. This way they made it clear that at the cost of HinduSthan’s safety, they want to protect Jihadi Terrorists. Common Public of HinduSthan has been watching central & state govts protecting local supporters – people, groups, institutions, modules & networks – of Jihadi Terror for vote banks. For Muslim vote bank, many state govts surreptitiously, hand in hand with the Union Govt, handed over Hindus to NIA to be sent to jail for the crimes they never did. Seeing through NIA members’ past records & current vicious behavior against Hindus as they are forcing Hindus to confess to the crimes which Jihadi Terrorists did, it is again clear that NIA was a dirty design of the Union Govt hand in hand with state govts to jail Hindus.

NIA was not enough, so the Union govt brought in NCTC National Counter Terrorism Centre claiming that countering terrorism was the national job – after Varanasi blast, the same govt said that it was UP govt job to counter terror in their state. NCTC is meant only to send the remaining Hindus to jail as NCTC can storm anyone’s house, office, shop, factory anytime without state govt’s permission, can pick up anyone, send to jail or even can kill. NCTC is the height of govt’s eagerness to protect local networks of Jihadi Terror. States are worried that with NCTC their powers will be curtailed. They have every reason to worry as NCTC is the first step towards a repeat emergency. But the common people in HinduSthan are not concerned whether they are protected by center or state from Jihadi Terror because by now they know that no govt is truly protecting them. They want a permanent solution to Jihad Terror & they do not trust either Union Govt or State Govts anymore for this.

Common people in HinduSthan know that even though Jihadi Terrorists may come in from Pakistan or any other country, they can never succeed in their Jihadi attack plan without support & participation from the local people, institutions, modules & networks. HinduSthan has seen clearly that for vote bank politics, no govt is cracking these local Jihadi supporters. After the 26/11 Mumbai attack, the then Police Head Hasan Gafoor immediately claimed, without investigation that no local people were involved in the attack. Police themselves can not make such profound false statements without the blessings of their political bosses.

Jehadi terrorists & their local supporters in Akshardham, Godhra Train attack, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Kandhar plane hi-jack & many places are not yet caught; those who are being protected by purposely slowing or sabotaging the legal process; those who are convicted like Afzal Guru, Kasab etc by highest courts are enjoying Biryani because the political leadership is greedy for Muslim vote bank! Now secular fundamentalists are even debating cancellation of the death penalty. They are blind to the pain of Hindus who lost their lives, families, trades, lands in Jihadi Terror attacks.

The bitter truth is that no govt – center or state – truly wishes to finish Jihadi Terror. Some are most caring for their Muslim vote banks & some taking their Hindu votes for granted are busy appeasing Muslims for more votes. All intelligence agencies in HinduSthan, our army, police & international agencies have sent severely strong alerts about immediate Jihadi attacks on HinduSthan with the support of local modules. But govts at center & states do not want to crack & finish these modules by arresting & punishing local supporters of Jihadi terror. If such a grave political selfishness at the cost of nation’s safety continues, then Jihadis will have a gala time soon & all Sanaatani Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, all castes Hindus – scheduled castes, OBCs, Tribals – will die & HinduSthan will soon become Pakistan as Muslim League & Jinnah always wanted it to be. People in HinduSthan have lost faith in central & state govts in their will to protect common majority & the nation despite HinduSthan’s brave army & police.

Therefore, here is a democratic empowered Movement from us: ‘HinduSthan Against Terror’: Terror-Free World; Terror-Free HinduSthan! With the honest & overwhelming support from the millions of common people; strengthening our brave army & police & springing up beyond politics, here is the E-7 Formula of TRULY countering Terror! Educate, Enlighten, Emphasize, Empower, Enterprise, Energize and Emerge as a Winner! ‘HinduSthan Against Terror’ movement will create awareness among people about Jehadi Terror & their local support modules/network/ people – social, economic & political – etc; make people alert; get them to keep vigil & watch on local Jihadi movements; get them to inform police & army about any unusual movements around them; people will boycott individuals/institutions & networks, who locally support Jihadi Terror; this boycott will be extended socially, economically & if any political leader or party are found supporting Jihadi Terror locally or so, then this boycott will be political as well; all collected information will be shared with masses nationally & internationally so that the local Jihadi Terror support base can not remain hidden. Govts are sending brave army, police personnel to jail for killing Jihadi Terrorists. HinduSthan Against Terror will democratically & legally stand up with the brave security people. Youth will be trained to keep vigil around them & protect their surroundings from Jihadi Terror.

All this was the basic responsibility of the central & state governments. But for the selfish vote bank politics, they have faltered in it badly making HinduSthan most vulnerable to Jihadi Terror from outside & from within. Hindustan can no longer wait for fir any govt to do any of this effectively as even now they are busy appeasing Jehadis, giving most favored nation status to Jihadi nations like Pakistan & some take pride showing off MOUs done with such Jihadi nations terming its development!

Govt is also bringing the Targeted Violence Bill to prevent the majority to even raise voice against Jihadi Terror. Govts are also giving reservations to Muslims. This is in a way social, political, legal & economic Jihad against HinduSthan. ‘HinduSthan Against Terror’ will oppose all these efforts democratically & peacefully but with strong unity.

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