Akhil Bharat Satsanga varga was held at Udupi, Karnataka.

Akhil Bharat SatsangaAkhil Bharat Satsanga

Udupi – 03 April 2016 VHP Akhil Bharatha Satsanga varga was held at Udupi, Karnataka from 30/03/2016 to 03/04/2016. 71 male and 24 female participants from 35 different Paranthas attended the Varg. 14 office bearers and other 3 altogether around 110 were stayed in the holy place of Lord SriAkhil Bharat Satsanga Krishna and trained. 0n 02.04.2016 evening, Shobha Yathra was there in the main streets of the town witnessed by thousands of public. Local Satsang people joined this Shobha yatra with local musical instruments and made the rather attractive. VHP Executive office bearers Sri Champat Rai, Dinesh Chandra, Sri Raghavulu, Sri Jagannath shaha, Sri Vasantha Bhai, Sri Sudhamshu Patnaik, Sri Keshava Hegde and others along with Poojya Swamijis guided and trained the participants.