All India Seva Vibhag Varg concluded in Nadiad, Gujarat

VHP Seva Vibhag conducted its 3 day All India Karyakarta Abhyasvarg on 11th, 12th and 13th of May, 2012 in Nadiad, Gujarat. Including 156 men and 50 women karyakartas, a total of 206 karyakartas from different schools, hostels and Bal kalyan kendras (orphanages) run by VHP participated in this varg. Office bearers of 45 service trusts also participated in this. From Assam in the far east to Gujarat in the west and Kerala in the deep south to Uttar Pradesh in the north, 21 provinces took part in this varg.

Revered saint of the prestigious Shri Santram Mandir, Nadiad, Pujya Mahant Shri Ramdasji Maharaj inaugurated the Abhyasvarg on the first day. He commended the seva karyakartas for doing social service terming it as service to the nation. He encouraged them to continue it for the lifetime. Mananiya Shri Champatraiji , International General Secretary explained the importance of overall VHP work to all the karyakartas. Pujya Shri Vidyanandji Maharaj from Shri Stambheshwar Mahadev Tirtha, Kamboi and Pujya Shri Paramdas Maharaj from Shri Santram Mandir, Chakalasi also graced the occasion with their holy presence.Mananiya Shri Dineshji, International General Secretary, Organization and Shri Vinayakrao Deshpande, Central Jt General Secretary, Oraganization, visited this important Abhyasvarg. Both of them guided the karyakartas in the ethos of the organizational working.

All India Seva Vibhag Pramukh, Arvindbhai Bramhabhatta outlined the scope of the Abhyasvarg along with its utility in the opening as well as the closing sessions. Shri Madhukarrao Dixit and Shri Nandlalji Lohiya,  both Jt All India Seva Vibhag Pramukhs, oversaw the complete arrangements of the varg along with Shri Arvindbhai Bramhabhatta.In the concluding session on the 13th May, VHP International Working President Mananiya Dr Pravinbhai Togadia stressed the importance of service in the Hindu Dharma. He encouraged the karyakartas who had arrived there from all over Bharat to inspire and consolidate faith in the Hindu Dharma through their respective seva activity while serving the Hindu society.

In the concluding session pujya sant shri Akhileshwardasji mahraj of the famous shri Gopal Ramji mahraj temple Amdavad blessed all the karyakartas

On the 12th of May, the colourful cultural programme, performed by the children who had come from 10 service projects of VHP from all over Gujarat, impressed all the karyakartas. Through various energetic performances of Shri Ganesh and Shri Sarasvati vandana, colourful and graceful folk dances (Garabha), patriotic and melodious songs, bhajans, the children endeared themselves to all the participants of the All India Seva Vibhag Abhyasvarg.