America Treating Students from Bharat as Slaves.

Press Release: New Delhi, February 1, 2011

America Treating Students from Bharat as Slaves – Dr. Pravin Togadia

Condemning American Government’s act of fixing electronic collars on to Indian students’ legs, Dr. Pravin Togadia, International Secretary General of VHP said, “Since Mr. Barack Hussein Obama has become President of United States of America, he & his officers have been insulting & humiliating India & Indians one way or the other. 1st it was Obama’s call for banning all outsourcing; then it was Ohio state that actually boycotted Indian IT firms; then it was the much-hyped visit of Mr & Mrs. Obama in which the couple danced, made merry & again termed Indians ‘job stealers’ & now inhuman treatment to the Tri-Valley University students. These students have followed all procedures of applying, various examinations as well as interviews with the US Consulate for their student’s Visas. When the university presented the papers to the US Immigration Services for obtaining papers needed for Indian students’ Visas, where were American Authorities? When the students went to the US Consulate with the papers sent by the University as approved by the US Immigration Services, why the Consulate in Bharat did not verify the papers & authenticity of the university? Then, when the students completed their few semesters in that university, paid medical insurance & other costs needed for students there, where were American authorities? Now, why blame the Indian students who are actually victims of cheating by the Tri-Valley University of the United States of America in connivance with the State of America. Instead of collaring the University authorities & the officers in US Immigration Services, collaring Indian students is an act of complete injustice & also the human rights violation of Indian students.”

Dr. Togadia further demanded, “President Obama should immediately apologize for such inhuman treatment to Hindu students in America, get the barbaric electronic collars removed from their feet & get all the affected students admitted in other authorized universities in the US. If America does not do this, VHP will be compelled to democratic appeal to Bharat to immediately boycott American products like Colgate toothpaste; Head & Shoulders shampoo; Ariel & Tide detergents; Whisper & Stay Free sanitary napkins; Johnson & Johnson Baby products & medical products; medicines from Pfizer Pharma; Coca Cola; Kellogg’s; Pepsi; General Motors & Ford vehicles; Compaq, Apple, IBM & Dell computers; Microsoft; Boeing; Dominos & Pizza Hut Pizzas; Starbucks Coffee; KFC; Monsanto & many other such consumer products & other companies.”

Dr. Togadia also appealed to Indian parents & students to look into the best universities & colleges in Bharat for studies. He added,” American universities charge almost double fees for Indian students to make Indian students subsidize the education of American students. Bharat is a place of the best education & culture. Therefore, the hollow American dream is dangerous to the Indian students’ well being considering America’s human rights violation towards Indians as well as America’s collapsed economy.”


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