Celebration of Sant Kanakdas music festival at Kaginele, Haveri District in Karnataka

Decennial celebration of music festival at Kaginele, Haveri District in Karnataka was held on 24.11.2010. This festival was held in memory of Sant Kanakadasa who composed many bhajans and has authored various philosophical books.

Bharata Samskruthi Prathisthana conducts Ramayana and Mahabharata examinations for high school students for the past 38 years. The music festival started by the Prathisthana has now gained popularity. This year more than 2000 musicians from Hindustani and Carnatic style had ciongregated at Kaginele, the birth place of Sant Kanakadasa and sang his Bhajans in chorus.Pujya Pejawar Swamiji and Shri. Dinesh chandraji, Organizing General Secretary V.H.P presided over the function.



In aday long programme of uninterrupted Chanting of Shri Hanuman Chalisa as a part of Shri hanumat Shakti Jagran Abhiyan. More than a thousand Rambhaktas congregated at Hanumangiri Kshetre Anjanya Temple at Nagarbhavi Banglore on 31 October 2010.

This was an unique programme of Banglore Mahanagar Abhiyan Samiti in which 11 batches consisting of 111 in batch chanted the Shri Hanuman Chalisa for 11 times, from 7.30 morning to 7.30 evening.. More than 13431 chanting of Shri Hanuman chalisa performed.

Saint Bhadragiri Acchut Das , President of Karnataka South State Abhiyan Samiti was present on the occasion and blessed the participant and wished that the Grand Shri Rama temple at Ayodhya Janmasthanam sooner.

Shri Keshav Hegade organizing secretary VHP Karnatak South addressed the concluding session of the Parayana. Shri B N Murthy Kshetriya Sceretary and Shri Sudhanshu Patnaik Kshetriya Organizing Sceretary were present during the day. More than five Hundreds temple devotees visited the temple and participated in the chanting.