Dr Togadia’s 6 Questions to all political parties

Dr. Togadia’s 6 Questions to all political parties

New Delhi, January 22, 2013

Taking a jibe at the Union Home Minister’s claim of ‘Hindu Terrorism’. Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP International Working President asked 6 Questions:

1. Who gave any political party or its representative any right – legal or constitutional – to term Hindus as Terrorist by using the term in public as ‘Hindu Terrorism’ & thereby hurting all Hindus’ sentiment?

2. In many cases of Jehadi terrorism, many political parties’ workers have been arrested/convicted. E.g. In Mumbai 1993 serial blasts, Congress MP’s brother Sanjay Datt is a convict with an appeal pending in upper court; in another Mumbai blast Youth Congress worker has been arrested; some from SP & some from other parties have been arrested. The cases are subjudice or under investigation. Why shouldn’t their political parties be termed as promoting “Islamic Terror’?

3. The statement made by the Union Home Minister has been made while he still is the sitting Home Minister with power. Many cases of terrorism are under investigation or subjudice. He saying, ‘Many innocent Muslim Youth have been wrongly arrested in terrorism cases. BJP, RSS in their training camps promote Hindu Terrorism’ is a serious proclamation by the constitutional authority that is Home Minister. This surely influences Judiciary & the investigating agencies thereby depriving arrested Hindus a free & fair trial as promised by Bharat’s Constitution & also putting all Hindus in danger of getting implicated in any such cases or even killed by the other religion people with blessings from the Home Minister. The question is: Why should the Hon’ble Supreme Court not take suo moto note of this obvious violation of the constitutional right of Hindus?

4. Hindus have been contributing to the nation’s safety & security for ages. Now they are in majority in Bharat’s Army, police, CISF, BSF & other security forces. They give their lives for the nation. Recently Soldiers Hemraj & Sudhakar Sing ji were brutally killed, one of them beheaded by Pakistan. Rather than taking stern measures on Pakistan & Bangla Desh, the Govt is busy terming Hindus ‘Terrorists’! What action the Govt would take on the person who has demoralized all Hindus in the security agencies by saying such things?

5. In many Jehadi attack cases, police from various states put their own lives to danger; the Govt pleaders too are at risk of their lives for making cases like 26/11 so tight that Kasab had to be hanged whereas Afzal Guru hanging is pending. All the while family members of the arrested Jehadis keep claiming innocence of their kin. Now with the HM statement, police investigating the matters will all the time be scared of being targeted by such family members. Who gave the right to the ruling party at the center to side the logic given by jehadi organizations by specifically terming “Minority youth innocent’ & ‘Hindus Terrorists’?

6. The final question: What action will the Hon’ble Supreme Court take on such a blatant violation of the constitution by the ruling political party?

Dr. Togadia further said, “Congress has always been anti-Hindu. Now they are using the power to implicate Hindus in terrorism to appease their Muslim vote bank & therefore obviously, Jehadi Hafiz Sayeed congratulates the party for persecuting Hindus. The issue is insulting 100 Crore Hindus by terming them, Terrorists. Hindus will never forgive the political parties who any which ways persecute them implicating them in terrorism cases be it the central Govt or any state Govt.” Dr. Togadia said that he would soon release the list of the so-called cases given to NIA by various state Govts who purposely want to implicate Hindus in terror cases.