Govt must appeal against less punishment & acquittals

Press Note: 1/3/2011

Dr. Pravin Togadia

New Delhi, March 1, 2011

Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP International Secretary-General expressed satisfaction for the hanging to death punishment awarded by the Honourable Court under the supervision of the Honourable Supreme Court to the 11 convicts in the Godhra train burning case. Dr. Togadia, however, demanded that the State Govt must appeal without further delay against such a low punishment like life imprisonment to the 20 convicts as well as against the acquittal of 64 accused. He said, “It is imperative that the victims of such a brutal Jihad of burning Hindus alive in the train must get full justice. There are fast track courts to handle cases of crimes against the foreign tourists here, but from 2002 the Hindus have been waiting for full justice. These are the basic human rights of Hindus that they are treated like respected human beings. But for vote bank politics Hindus have been facing severe injustice whereas doing contempt of court, the so-called pseudo-secular media & human rights activists claim that there was no iota of evidence against those whom the Honourable court has given death penalty! Its time that these double standards are exposed & even the judiciary must punish such activists who mislead the process of law & do contempt of court. Those who were pouncing on Hindus to accept court verdict in Ram Mandir case, are now shouting against the verdict in Godhra train carnage case with the full intention of hurting Hindu sentiments & to ensure that the victims of Godhra train carnage do not get justice!”

Dr. Togadia also appealed to the Union Government to instruct its sitting ministers not to influence the legal process by way of being part of media channel debate panels. He further added, “All those political parties & their extra vocal leaders who are hell-bent upon pushing Hindus to jail on false cases must refrain from coming in the way of full justice to the Godhra Train carnage victims & their families. Hindus are being subjected to victimization at the hands of Jihadis & political parties. It is time that Hindus stand up to such persecution democratically & following the due legal process but for that, it is essential that no individual, human rights activists, pseudo-secular media & vote greedy political parties be allowed to hamper this process.”


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