Govt’s Double Standards in Censorship

Press Release

Govt’s Double Standards in Censorship – Dr. Pravin Togadia

New Delhi, December 6, 2011

Commenting on Govt of India’s abrupt intervention in the internet content on a few social networking & email sites, VHP International Secretary-General Dr Pravin Togadia said, “Although the learned Telecom Minister was guarded in his words of not really mentioning as to which religion has been now suddenly hurt by images on the net, it is obvious from the fact that today is a festival of a particular Majhab & that for the last couple of days there has been violent & bloody rioting by this Majhab against some images on the net. They have burnt many shops of Hindu owners in Maharashtra’s Akola, in Dungarpur Rajasthan they we so violent that many Hindus are hurt & there are many such incidents. The problem with this govt is that when religious sentiments of Sanaatani Hindus, Jains, Sikhs are hurt, it never accepts it as a legitimate demand to take action on those who hurt the sentiments. On the other hand, as in the case of M F Hussein, such culprits are almost made into a national hero & ‘victims of Hindu fanatics’ as projected by this Govt & a few so-called secular media. In the name of Freedom of Expression & creativity, Hindus have always been hurt & when they complain, they are victimized. When Hindu Bhagwans & Devis are painted/portrayed in the dirtiest ways, this Govt ridicules Hindus. Now for their vote bank politics suddenly they decide to censor or reign in social networking sites. This is only being done to appease minorities due to the recent postings on the net & ensuing incident aftermath. Therefore, Hindus do not have trust in this Govt’s intentions however much the Hon. Minister claimed that they had done it to prevent insinuating religious images from appearing in the public domain. When this Govt means religion, they mean only minority & it has been evident umpteen times.”

Dr. Togadia further added, “When Aam Aadmi does not get any forum to express his opinion or genuine anger or frustration then he turns to the open to all social networking sites. This govt has brought about this situation on to Bharat. While voting, the Aam Aadmi has not much choice; in public forums, he is never heard & on the national media like TV or print he has very limited say & that too controlled by biased thinking. Aam Aadmi, therefore, had turned to the internet & now this Govt wishes to curtain his expression as well using the false boogie of religious sentiments. This Govt has been behaving completely contrary to what it claims for a long time & hurting Sanaatani Hindu, Jain & Sikh sentiments to appease Muslims & Christians – be it by reservations or by jailing Hindus or by not hanging Afzal or by increasing Hajj subsidy while curtailing Amarnath Yaatra. Their young dynasty leader makes it a point to purposely eat meat on the streets of Lucknow on the pious day of Hindus – Ekadashi! Therefore, the Hon Minister’s claims that the censorship the Govt wishes to force on the internet is only to protect a certain Majhab & not a complete & real ancient cultural ethos of Bharat as the minister claimed. The intention of the Govt seems more of encroaching on the privacy of those who do not agree with the Govt’s inefficient & biased way of functioning”

Dr Togadia further said, “We would observe as to how many times & where this new Fatwa by the Govt protects even Sanaatani Hindus, Jains & Sikhs from being ridiculed on the net or being attacked physically on the streets & at homes by the Jehadis. In the meanwhile, I appeal all Sanaatani Hindus, Jains, Sikhs to send as many complaints to the Hon Minster copy to me about any websites or social sites postings that hurt religious sentiments. If the Govt does not move then we will be free to take legal & democratic recourse.”

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