Hanumat Shakti Jagaran Programme at The Dakshineshwar Kali Mandir,Kolkata.

Kolkata: On 11 December 2010 program for Hanumat Shakti Jagran was organized at The Dakshineshwar Kali Mandir complex by the Hanumat Shakti Jagran Samity to launch a mass awareness & mobilization initiative for the construction of the proposed Sri Ram Mandir at the Ram Janam Bhoomi site in Ayodhya. This was as per the proposal was undertaken by the “Sant Ucchadhikar Samity” (High-powered steering committee of Hindu Saints and Holy men) on 20th Oct’2010 at Karsevekpuram, Ayodhya. From early morning the Dakshineshwar temple complex was wearing a festive look. Thousands of Hindutva activists and common Hindu men, women, and children flocked the place and waited anxiously for the program. Some offered puja at the temple first while few others took a holy dip at the Ganga. It was at 10 am the main program commenced with Vedic hymns and Hanuman Chalisa Path. Saints of different Hindu missions and organizations participated in this. Apart from Swami Bandhu Gourab Maharaj of Jagadbandhu Sundar Ashram, who conducted the proceedings of the morning, the other eminent speakers were Sri Ranendralal Bandhyapadhaya of the RSS, Dr. Pravinbhai Togaria, Intl. Secretary-General of the VHP and Pujyapada Debananda Brahmachari Maharaj of the Rishra Prem Mandir (a member of Kendriya Marga Darshak Mondal) and also the President of the Samity in W.Bengal. Arya Samaj representatives also presented their views.

Prime speaker Dr. Pravin Togaria while echoing the sentiment of the Hindu nation declared that the Hindu society will neither beg nor request for the temple, it demands the same by its determination and strength. He said that the temple should be grand and befitting of Sri Ram’s stature and grandstanding. He attacked the present Congress leadership for shielding declared terrorists like Afzal Guru while maligning Hindu saints and social workers like Swami Asheemanandji. He also compared the pre-independence anti-India and anti-Hindu forces of Muslim league and Suhrawardi with the present dispensation of the Congress party and the CPI/CPM. Dr. Togaria also unveiled the unique VHP initiative to save cows and its progeny, where at present some 200 gaushalas have undertaken the manufacturing of highly effective, eco-friendly and low-cost soaps, shampoos, fairness creams, mosquito repellents etc from gau-mutra (cow’s urine) and gau-gobar (cow dung). In this he claimed that 1lt. of gau-mutra is being procured for 5/- approximately making the very economy of gau-kashi (cow slaughter) unviable. Some 10,000 Hindu activists and civil society participated in this program. Khichadi prasad was distributed to about 12,000 devotees which continued till 3.00 p.m. Loud cheers of popular Hindu slogans like Jai Sri Ram, Har Har Mahadev etc echoed the entire temple complex throughout.