Hindu Samagam at Gopalganj, Bihar

April 27, 2015 – A Hindu Samagam was organized today on 27th April by Vishva Hindu Parishad, Gopalganj unit in Utter Bihar on V M School ground. The program started around 2.30 pm. Hindusangam-Gopalganj3A crowd of over 1100 energized people was gathered well before the time despite prevailing tensions of earthquakes and pressure of many marriage ceremonies. Silent condolence was paid by the Hindu Samagam to the unfortunate people who have lost lives in these earthquakes. Pujya Swami  Raghavdasji Maharaj from Maharajganj and Pujya Swami Vimaldasji Maharaj from Gopalganj gave their holy blessings to the gathering. VHP International Working President Dr. Pravinbhai Togadia said that each Hindu should donate one day’s income to help the distressed Hindus in Nepal. Already medicines, torches, blankets, plastic sheets have been arranged by VHP to be sent to Nepal. Many orphans and temples in Nepal will be taken of care of by VHP. AFTER APPEAL BY Dr. TOGADIYAJI, a spontaneous donation collection for earthquake-affected Hindus in Nepal as well as Bharat was started in the Hindu Samagam. Dr. Togadiaji said that before the advent of Christian and Muslim thinking, the whole world was Hindu. We must stand together and with confidence as Hindu society. If we resolve to oppose the religious conversion of Hindus and work for the progress of Hindutva, Hindu Chintan and Hindu society will dominate the world again in the near future.
Shree Rajendraji & Shree Rasbhihariji, both, Kshetra Organizing secretary of respectively Patna and Lucknow kshetra, Shree Trilokinathji Bagi (Goraksha Pramukh of Kolkata  &  Patna kshetra), Shree Janmejayji (Patna kshetra Bajrang Dal sanyojak) also graced this Hindu Samagam with their presence.