Hindu Sarva Jaati (All Castes) Maha – Dharna Agitation Against Muslim Reservations

Press note :

Hindu Sarva Jaati (All Castes) Maha – Dharna Agitation Against Muslim Reservations

Lucknow, January 30, 2012

Recently, Govt of India has snatched 4.5% from 27% OBC reservations keeping only 22.5% for poor OBCs & giving snatched 4.5% to Muslims. Per Rangnath Mishr recommendations, Govt has already started showering free education, bank loans, employment & other benefits to Muslims 15% & above snatching from other poor castes & open merit.

Against this unconstitutional Muslim appeasement that is killing all castes in Hindus, there will be Hindu Sarva Jaati (All Castes) Dharna (Sit Down & Demonstrations) agitation in the whole of Uttar Pradesh on January 31, 2012, between 11 am & 3 pm. Leaders of all castes will participate in them in over 400 places including District Headquarters & Tehsil Centres. Youth, women, students, professionals like lawyers, teachers, CAs; traders in various things & many others from all Hindu castes will participate in the Dharna agitation against Muslim Reservation that is ‘Hindu Roti, Shiksha Bachaao’ (Save ‘Hindu Roti & Education’ ) agitation as announced by Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

The Hindu Sarva Jaati Dharna is for 7 main demands:

1. Govt must reject Rangnath Mishr & Sachhar Reports completely

2. Govt should immediately withdraw 4.5% given to Muslims from OBC’s 27% reservations & promise never to give any such reservations to Muslims & Christians from OBCs.

3. Govt also should promise not to give any reservation to Muslims & Christians from Scheduled Castes (SC) reservations.

4. Govt has already given reservations to Christians from Scheduled Tribes (ST) quota. Govt should promise to revoke the reservations given to Christians from ST & never to give ST reservations to Muslims & Christians.

5. Govt must promise that it would never give any reservations based on religion to Muslims & Christians from any other castes or from Open Merit. Govt also must promise that the Constitution of Bharat will never be amended to adjust any reservations for Muslims & Christians.

6. During Mandal Commission, many so-called castes claiming to be OBCs but actually are Muslims are forcefully made a part of OBC lists. Govt should delist all such Muslims from the OBC list.

7. Govt knows that all castes of Hindus will stand democratically against this injustice that snatches their fundamental rights to livelihood, education, work, bank loans, etc. Therefore Govt has proposed a draconian law ‘Targeted Communal Violence Bill’. This law snatches all rights of all Hindus including all castes to even file an FIR against Muslims. This is the worst ever tyranny against Hindus. Therefore, Govt should not present the proposed bill of the ‘Targeted Communal Violence Act’ & should not even think of it. Hindu All Castes want an immediate promise from the Govt not to introduce such a dirty bill against govt or not to make law of it.

All castes Hindus will join the peaceful democratic Dharna against Muslim Reservations to get the govt revoke conspiracy of snatching Roti, education etc from all Hindu castes.

To participate in the Hindu All Castes Dharna, Contact: Hindu Roti Shiksha Bachao 098705 91237