Internal Trust Deficit & Vote Bank Politics have put the Nation at Risk – Dr Pravin Togadia

Press Release  February 22, 2013

Internal Trust Deficit & Vote Bank Politics have put the Nation at Risk

Dr. Pravin Togadia

New Delhi, February 22, 2013

Serial blasts at Bhagyanagar’s (Hyderabad) crowded area killed over 14, injured over 120 & also once again shook Bharat’s safety. Expressing grief for the families of those killed in the blasts & also sympathy to the injured, VHP International Working President Dr. Pravin Togadia blamed repeated Jehadi terror attacks on the trust deficit between all Govts & the large nationalist organizations like RSS, VHP & all other Sangh Organizations as well as many other social organizations working towards nation’s interests. Dr Togadia also blamed the failure to curtail/prevent such terror attacks on to the vote bank politics of many parties & Govts. Dr Togadia said, “Govts in any democratic country cannot & should not try to work in isolation alienating large social nationalistic organizations that have national volunteer network that can be very supportive if trusted with pure hearts. But to appease the minority vote banks, most political parties & Govts target such well-meaning organizations. The same Govt offers jobs in police departments to ex(!) Terrorists in Kashmir while with an official Govt Resolution bans Govt people to even attend RSS, VHP meetings! Rather than wasting time in politicizing or persecuting majority public at large for short term gains, Govts can work on a more meaningful, positive People’s participation in handling Terror proactively. Some places police, army themselves take such an initiative but even the Govt should do so.”

How so?

1. Large nationalist organizations like RSS, VHP & all in Sangh Parivar have a vast network of patriotic volunteers all over Bharat & in many countries. Govts should trust them rather than treating them as perennial enemies. The real enemy of the nations has been growing fast in Pakistan & in many such countries. With local support & continued infiltration from porous borders, many Terror modules have been set up by this enemy as per the intelligence agencies’ information publicly available. Terror camps are going on run by LET, IM, JUD & whatever new names & new faces. Volunteers from nationalist organizations in villages, towns, cities can surely help locate such hidden locations, groups & people. This will help Govts crack the Jehadi terror modules in peace times before they take final shape. Blaming everyone politically is not going to help secure the nation. Bharat is fast becoming a large economic power & disturbing it has been the business of many countries around. All people like us, irrespective of the difference of ideologies, if decide to safeguard the nation, it can be done provided, the political parties & the Govts give up hatred for our organizations & also be strict not to bend before jehadi terror for vote bank politics.

2. Bharat’s Army, police & Para-military brave-hearts are always ready to protect the nation but their hands get tied with Govts bending before the so-called Human Rights groups who think that only the jehadi terrorists, Kashmir separatists & Bangla Deshi Infiltrators have human rights but all other in Bharat don’t have the right even to live. Select media to give selective colors to such stories & govts bend again. Such an approach will not help the nation. For the short term, some may win & rule but then all will perish together at the hands of the strong jehadi terror that has fast taken roots in Bharat in almost all states & many groups now have political blessings.

3. Jehadi terror incidents are not sporadic though they seem so. They are always a part of some larger plan as the intelligence agencies elaborate. Govts should, therefore, make a National Council for Countering Terror involving public participation to be effective rather than agencies like NIA that are essentially created to target Hindus & Hindu organizations to appease minorities. It sounds crude to hear this truth but such short-sighted actions by the Govts create an internal Trust deficit within the nation & it gives a perfect breeding ground for the Jehadi terror recruitment, funding & activities among youth.

4. Rather than sitting in AC offices, it is time that the Govt ministers travel with people like us who travel 25 days in a month & meet millions of people in a year to get the real picture of Bharat in terms seeing on their own the under-currents of such foreign supported – domestically grown jehadi terror. Such currents do reflect in sporadic attacks on majorities from time to time as has been experienced from Assam, Kashmir, Kerala, just recently in South 24 Pargana Dist in Bengal, Andhra. Attacking the majority using trivial issues had gone up recently in Andhra & now this jehadi attack. Govts also should ask its officers to regularly stay in touch with such organizations for time to time inputs.

5. CCTVs should be monitored live to nab the culprits immediately to prevent terror attacks rather than using the tapes after Terror strikes.

6. Using our democratic systems like Govts, Judiciary, elections, reservations, etc, such terror groups gain strength. Govts should also refrain from disbursing social benefits based on vote bank calculations. Persecuting majority & leaning to minorities do not help the nation in the long run when it comes to tackling the international monster of Jehadi terror. This makes Govts weak & revengeful at wrong places whereas it also makes the nation a soft target for big terror attacks.

Dr. Togadia also appealed public at large to maintain calm & refrain from politicizing the larger danger to Bharat’s safety & security. He also appealed to people at Bhagyanagar to help the injured & their relatives in getting medicines, blood & food in the hospitals as well as rehabilitation support aftermath.

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