Jehadis again attack Bharat while Govt bends before Bangla Desh!

Press Release: September 7, 2011

Jehadis again attack Bharat while Govt bends before Bangla Desh! – Dr. Pravin Togadia

New Delhi, September 7, 2011

Condemning the heinous Jihadi attack in Delhi High Court when & where common people queue up for passes & the day when well-meaning citizens trying to do social service flock the court to file PILs, Dr. Pravin Togadia, International Secretary General VHP said, “It is most shameful that when the highest authority of the nation, the Hon. Prime Minister is visiting Bangla Desh – a gateway of Jehadis of various terror outfits – there is a Jihadi attack on one of the 4 pillars of democracy – the Judiciary! In the past many years, Govts has been lenient to Jihadi outfits for vote bank politics, but the very visit of the Hon PM of Bharat should have strengthened the positive ties – if any. However, Govt bent to Bangla Desh to the level of crawling & opened volatile borders for Bangla Deshis 24 X 7! It is an open secret that Jihadis from Pakistan enter Bharat via Bangla Desh & Nepal & not just from Kashmir. Yet, such a step by the govt to appease the vote bank & offering over 600 + Acres of land in Karimgunj & Dhubri districts of Assam to Bangla Desh have not deterred Jihadis from striking Bharat’s heart Delhi!”

Demanding the reasons for defocused NIA’s interference & inaction about all Jihadi blasts in Bharat whereas its extra interest in persecuting Hindus & Hindu organizations, Dr. Togadia further appealed all citizens of Bharat to be alert & inform the local police of any untoward movements of suspicious people. He also expressed dissatisfaction about govt’s lack of political & social will to tackle Jihadi terrorism with a strong hand. He suggested that people of Bharat have been tolerating Jihadi attacks for long & are sick & tired of the politicization of the serious issue of Domestic & border safety & security.

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